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Sunday, January 2, 2011

135) Multidimensional Man correlation in OBE

I am happy to report that my ‘dry spell’ for the past few weeks has started to dissipate!! I was a bit concerned that there was minimal to no activity when attempting to travel, even with my dream content! It is frustrating but as with all things ‘not of this world’, there can be unknown variables that influence my lack of activity for one reason or another. I just have to accept that this is what is best for me and keep trying.

I thought I would focus back on my reading material, as that always seems to have a great effect on my recall while OOB, hoping that if I did get out, I would remember what I read. I chose a book written by a long time experienced astral traveler, Jurgen Ziewe, called Multi-dimensional Man. It was recommended to me a while ago and I never had the time to start reading it until now.

To make a long story short, I sure wish I had read this back when the dry spell started!! There are a lot of similar experiences that he encounters that I can relate to on a deep level, and I am only half way through the book! I think I shall write another post later about this great book after I am finished with it and maybe discuss how it compares with my experiences (although I do not have the awesome lucidity and control that he has!)

Meanwhile to get back to my OOB experience from this morning, what you need to know is that he mentioned a few events in his travels that correlated directly with what I experienced this time. He mentions once being aware of meeting people in his sleep clothes, and then to realize he was naked! I remember while reading that I was impressed with his ability to shrug off this experience and continue on with the travels without returning to body.

Another mention he gave was that he would actually STOP and take the time to ‘clear up’ his mind when events started to fade or falter, sometimes just by focusing on his hands. I know in my haste to get on with my travels, I never really take the time to stop and focus, which I did impress as an intention prior to this OBE. He also mentioned how he would just ‘jump high’ to verify he was OOB at any point he was unsure of his status. I know it was reading this book before bed that gave me the focus and control I needed for this experience.

The experience begins with the memory of an exit that just ‘happened’. I remember lying on my traveling couch feeling frustrated with whatever ‘dream event’ was going on, yet knowing I was on the couch. I decided to just get up off the couch to get away from whatever was so frustrating. I found myself easily moving to an upright standing position, but then realized my living room was completely different than it should be. This gave me the awareness that I was actually OOB!

I was in long hallway and could see a familiar building a distance away that I wanted to go into. Moving toward the building, the entire environment started to fade and ‘fuzz’, giving me the feeling I was going to go back to body. I remembered at this time that I wanted to stop and focus on becoming clearer but also focus on my hands as Jurgen did. I was amazed at how easily everything turned back into sharp focus and I proceeded on.

The events of this OBE are very limited to a degree, as I know I did many things in many rooms of this building, meeting many different people. I knew I had been to this building many times before, as it was where I attended various ‘seminars’ to learn and it had a ‘vacation’ type feeling to it. However, there was not total lucidity of being OOB, and some ‘dream events’, such as the need for luggage and clothes, remained part of the experience. I should have known I was OOB, but fell easily into the ‘life-like’ events that occurred at times.

There were only a few experiences amid the many I had that I can clearly recall for posting here. The first was the realization that I was scheduled for a seminar that should have started, but found that my suitcase was not delivered yet! As I moved toward the room where the seminar was, I realized I was wearing only my sleep clothes and felt I could not continue on to the seminar where my peers were. I remember I did feel comfortable enough to continue with my quest to find the suitcase, knowing that Jurgen had done the same. I can remember asking someone, “Am I missing all the seminars?”

The other recall I had was as I walked into this one hallway, I was amazed to see a floor to ceiling mirror on the wall. Even more amazing, I could SEE myself reflected back clearly and accurately!! I was fascinated at the detail of my reflection, and how perfect the reflection was for my current physical status. (I had a previous blog posts - #96 and #126 - where my mirror reflection was either a younger me, or changed in some other way)

While looking at myself, I had doubts of actually being OOB, as it was so real. I remembered again reading about Jurgen doing a little ‘jump’ to verify his status, and did so. I floated high and knew I was still out! I did a little ‘back flip’ in slow motion, just because I knew I could! It was such fun!

A woman came by and asked what I was doing, and I showed her my slow backflip saying, “Why don’t you try it too?!” I showed her and was aghast to see her try to do the same, only to watch her fall flat on her face! I felt awful, helped her up and apologized. Despite this distressing event, she offered to help me find my suitcase, and I remember I was taken to an area where I had to pick my blue suitcase out of the myriad of suitcases that were being unloaded.

She accompanied me as I found myself then on the way up to my room to get dressed. Near the stairs to go up, I noticed some broken pieces of jewelry on the floor. Thinking someone would want this, I started to pick up the broken pieces of necklace, but whomever I was with said to just leave it alone. I continue to pick the pieces up, but soon realized that there was a lot more to this clean up than I thought and had leave it alone as she requested.

There were two other events I recall in limited detail, one that included my brother sleeping in a bedroom and the gentleman I was with trying to wake him. This was after we walked through an area that he had just finished for someone, with painting of zoo animals as a theme in all the rooms, including a walk in closet.

A final recall had to do what likely is an event related to a concern I have in physical, where I was concerned about a task that I was assigned to do, but knew I was not going to have the time to do it right and needed to have someone else take it over. I know I felt much relieved when the man I was with offered to take over my job responsibilities for this matter.

This is all I can recall of my OOB experience, but the happiness I feel knowing I was able to get out again is thrilling! Even though I wasn’t lucid enough to maintain awareness with all events, many times just going along with whatever was happening without much control, I am happy to know that my reading and re-focus on my OOB travels is working.

I am eager now to finish reading this great book, and hoping to have many more experiences that correlate with his fascinating travels. With Jurgen’s travels as a role model for me, I intend now to take more time to focus on maintaining clear awareness and my own lucid control when OOB.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
I`ve found a free e-book by Michael Raduga (School of Out-of-Body Travel - A Practical Guidebook) with lots of exit-, deepening and maintaining techniques. Among other things he mention observing your hands details, rubbing the hands, palpate and observing objects and much more. I`m going to try these advices now and also his advice for exit techniques. Your tips about "ultidimensional man" is very interesting too and it will absolutely be my next read!

Kind Regards / Inger : )

Tom Dewell said...

As always, amazingly detailed recall!!
The part about the mirror reminded of an exercise I did on and off for quite awhile in which I would focus on a candle flame until I felt tranced and then switch my gaze to a mirror siting next to the candle.
I would continue to focus into the mirror, usually on my eyes, and depending on how well I was staying focused, images would start to come. Some were stills, some were moving. And at the height of focus (I only got there partially a few times), the mirror would go black.
At that point both halves of the brain are really in sync and you have reached a deep part of the sub-conscious.
It is at this level that we can begin to re-program our reality having bypassed the conscious brain that doesn't want us to change :-)

Keep up the great posts - glad you are back on form!

Anonymous said...

Karen, have you taken a backup on all your blog post, on CD/DVD or similar? Disc backup at least? For example, in the case the whole blog gets wiped by server error. /Pauli2

Karen said...

Thanks every for these great comments, and I wanted to assure Pauli2 that I have saved every one of my posts (plus some I haven't posted) both on CD and hard drive back up! I DO appreciate your concern!