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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

118) Nothing is Impossible!


I want to share with you an OOB experience that at the time, I didn’t realize was even an out-of-body experience!!

I had attempted to travel, moving to my ‘traveling couch’ after a few hours sleep as usual. I was disappointed to wake a few times, realizing I had had a variety of ‘events’ but nothing that I could put together in a cohesive story.

I try to sleep once again, and my first ‘recall’ of this experience was actually ‘waking’ and remembering, as I walked up the stairs to return to my bed that I was once again disappointed in not having had gone OOB! As I walk up the stairs, I have the feeling that maybe somehow, despite my absolute certainty that I am awake, there COULD be a possibility all is not as it seems and I am really OOB! (What even gave me that idea was amazing, because I truly thought I was fully awake!) To show myself that I AM AWAKE, I lean my shoulders against the walls and head ‘bumps’ the angular ceiling...I was thinking, oh dear, I just CAN'T be OOB because I am awake and feeling these walls/ceilings.

What is truly amazing to me is that for some reason, I can’t tell you why because I don’t know! I made the decision that it's really MY BELIEF that I am NOT OOB that is keeping me feeling 'awake', and that perhaps I really was!!! (I am thinking, in hindsight, that my thoughts over the past few weeks have been to try to understand how ALL things are possible as the sages say, and feeling it’s the tight hold we give to our ingrained beliefs and ‘physical-ness’ that keeps us from achieving that which we want)

So, by this time I'm at the top of the stairs, and immediately decide that despite my 'wakeful' knowingness - I was going to walk into the wall to give myself that ‘chance’ to see what my ‘physical status’ was, and to show that I am awake or OOB!!! It was an unusual decision, as I was so certain I was awake - but I was aghast to find that I moved INTO the wall!! I remember it was difficult to pass into, but I DID!!

At this point I woke (I think because I was stunned to realize I WAS OOB!), realizing in fact that I was NOT upstairs, that I don't have narrow walls such as I felt 'touching' me on the way up, and that I was still on the couch!!!! It was just an amazing realization I had upon waking, that I was SO SO convinced I was NOT OOB, that I was physical in every sense of the word, yet I wasn't!!

What I took from this was two things. That I firmly believe it is our beliefs and ‘closed’ mind physical upbringing to what we are told is ‘impossible’ that keeps us from attaining what may actually be possible!! We need to consider the impossible as a possibility before we will be able to achieve any strides toward our goal.

Additionally, I also feel that this is ‘firmness of belief’ is what others who have crossed, yet don't know it, must feel as they live in their self-made astral worlds. They are convinced they are 'normal' in physical bodies in every way, and it is not until they change their 'belief' and open to the smallest possibility of there being other options that give them the chance to change their perspective on how things are. Hence the reason why the retrievals we do in our travels work to bring into their lives that ‘chance’ of change and possibility!

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Hi Karen,
I tried to find your "must reads" but it is impossible to find them by searching all your posts.
It would help a lot if you would link the post-numbers. If that is possible.
Greetings from Germany,