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Sunday, July 26, 2009

108) OOBEs - Intention is Everything

This is just a blog entry to say hello to everyone who reads this blog and to offer my apologies for not having much to post lately.

My OOB experiences have diminished greatly in content and quality, mainly becase I am finishing some advanced level training and eduation for the next 6 - 8 months and just don't have the time to focus on them as much as I used to.

However, they ARE still happening, but in a very brief and almost disappointing way. For instance, just last night, I recall actually getting out, although it was MUCH more difficult than usual (probably due to not keeping up with it).

I struggled to sit upright when I 'knew' I was ready to move out, and can even remember the 'pulling' sensation that pulled me back somewhat. However, I did move away, heading for the door, but got distracted by a wall nearby that had something interesting I wanted to look at!!

When I looked, I knew I could just go 'through' the wall, so I did! I recall feeling the texture changes and a falling sensation... .but then that was the end of it!!! Did I do more and not recall? or did I just go back? Very disappointing. ..but still...I was out!

Sorry for any disappointment, but no one is more disappointed than me!!

However, this does validate for me that it is the effort and determination that one 'intends' to put toward doing this that drives the success and frequency of their happening!!

So, for those who have the time and are having success, I'm waiting to hear from you!! Maybe that will motivate me a bit more!

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Prof. Guilherme Fauque said...


This is very normal. I know... my astral travel diminish a lot when I began my graduate course.

When our thoughts change and we need concentrate our power in another issue, it's normal that they diminish.