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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

105) Breakfast visit, Volcanic yard, Mediterranean visit

It's been a long time since I've posted here, not because my experiences have stopped, but because there isn't much 'productivity' in what I am remembering! In hindsight, though, I realize perhaps there are some things that others can learn from, so I've taken the time to write up the last three experiences in one post. As always, please feel free to email me if you have any insight or comments!


This experience began with the usual false awakening in that I heard my husband come down to the couch where I was sleeping and lean over me, as if to talk. Keeping very still and not responding, I was able to realize I was close to exiting.

I rolled out and moved quickly out the front door to the rooftop, as I wanted to experience the freedom of flying again. I was on top of a very tall building now, and could see to the street below, knowing full well that I could ‘dive over’ the edge without fear….so I did! I did say ‘clarity now!’ a few times, but without much effect. I don’t have a lot of recall, but I remember a helicopter flew by at one time, and I was going in and out of the clouds….

The second exit this night I felt I was out a very long time. Initially I remember seeing people go by in the room. At one point I took a woman’s hand and asked, please take me to see N.J.! The next I recall was hearing what sounded like breakfast being eaten, with the clinking of a bowl and talking back and forth between a man and woman. I couldn’t see anyone, but remember I then went outside the house and saw some gardens. (These actions, although very vague, were validated as a possible connection.)

Having read about energy points we all have surrounding us, I attempted to reach out to the front where I was told one was located. Nothing happened. I then reached out to my left, and as soon as I touched what felt like warmth, I quickly moved up and out of body to my dining room and out the window! It all happened so fast, as if I was full of energy!

I’m flying around and at one point, there was what I thought felt like trembling of an earthquake and I couldn’t tell what was real and what wasn’t anymore! I am not sure what happened as my recall again is very limited and the experience faded shortly thereafter.

Again, I remember fumbling with the recorder, and when things were not going right, knew I was not fully awake and pulled myself to a more conscious awareness in order to record what little I remember.


This experience was more of a lucid dream recall in that I was not aware of any exit or control of my situations. There may be a bit of symbolism here as I found my front yard covered with hardened lava from a volcanic eruption. Trenches were being dug into the hardened lava, and there were men there working diligently to get these trenches dug.

At some point in this dream I remember an explosion that occurred…no other information except that I could physically feel the ‘impact’ of it happening!

Walking along one ‘trench’, I knew that on one side I had all my good ‘plants’ that were now covered with this hardened lava, but I was content to know that at least they were ‘safe’. Now I knew it was time to start digging them back up, and I wasn’t sure how to go about it! I remembered thinking that at least it was nice cool weather for this type of hard work!


My first recollection after ‘waking’ was that my arms and legs were floating all about, my usual signal that it’s time to roll out. However, I found I just couldn’t move! I eventually was able to just ‘push’ myself off the couch, and rolled onto the floor, flat on my face!

Moving slowly and heavily over to the dining room, I knew I could just move down into the earth by ‘intention’ since I was so low anyway! As I started, I realized there was not much below me (in my basement) or the earth that I wanted to see so with that thought, quickly found myself back on the couch.

The next few exits were also not very productive but I will share them anyway. I actually am not even sure in which order these next exits occurred but I will at least show what happened with each.

During one exit, I remember I tried calling out for ‘Richard’ (my guide’s name – see blog #78 ) in hopes he could help me separate easier. I held my arms up, hoping to feel my hands being held, and needing to know that my guides are with me. I didn’t get any response that I can recall.

In another exit, I remember how difficult it was to move, and that as I passed through the glass on my side door (as I have done easily before), I could actually ‘feel’ the glass stretch with me not allowing me to pass through easily!

With another exit, I also remembered to try to ‘reach out’ for the energy centers that surround me, feeling for the one in front and to the left (the one that worked before!). This time, nothing happened, and I even remember trying to reach for both at the same time in order to ‘make a circuit’ in hopes that it would help. But, this time…nothing.

At some point, I became aware that my arms and legs were floating again and found myself out easily this time, thinking and ‘seeing’ so clearly! I got outside and knew I wanted to go visit a particular person. I found myself in a very long pullback, one where I am traveling backward, up high, watching the different scenes fade away as if I am moving rapidly. It appeared to be various cities and countries that I was moving away from. At one point I remembered I could just ‘think’ of where I wanted to be and didn’t have to travel this long distance with the pullback.

With that, I dropped to a street level, watching these ‘Michelangelo’ type statues (Italian feel) moving about on bikes on a street. There were people all around, and my next recollection was of a small Italian type villa I moved into.

The small room had a Mediterranean feel (mix of Italian, French, Spanish) and there was a heavy wooden table in the center, with an older man and young boy standing by (waiter-type feeling). I felt I was to meet someone here, and started calling out for my friend I wanted to meet. I distinctly remember standing at the doorway calling out his name!

My next recall was sitting at that table, with two men – one ordering a tall light red colored drink with ice, and the one male telling me that only I was able to share this drink with him. There was much more, but my recollection didn’t allow me to recall any more except that there was more!

Another exit I found myself on the front porch with such clear thinking and knew I was able to do anything I wanted to do! I even remember how easily it was to pass through the front door, feeling the change in ‘cool air’ once outdoors. A long pullback occurred, but this time I ended up at a picnic type event, one with a red, white and blue (patriotic) theme.

I was having such fun, and felt that this was the type of event I wanted to be able to organize for my own community. It would be something for the people to come together and have fun and I felt it would be easy enough for me to do!

The night once again ended with my fumbling with my voice recorder, and again knowing that I was not fully awake. I tried to impress my key words (from the experiences) into my consciousness, as I forced myself more fully awake to find the recorder. Alas, upon full awakening, all I had left were these few memories in bits and pieces that I have to tried to piece back together again!

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