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Sunday, January 25, 2009

95) Early AM OBE with Full Control


This experience was unique in many ways as you will read shortly. The major difference is that I had the luxury of staying in bed after waking, and to use this time for some energy work and visualizations in hopes of getting OOB.

Thanks to N.J., I used a little different energy visualizations in that my in-breath would pull the white light into my second chakra from both my head and my feet, and then the out-breath would send this energy up and down throughout my body. The sensation of circling in my palms was then a signal that I was about to be in the proper mindset, so I used my affirmations of ‘mind-awake, body-asleep…now I am out of body!’ to emphasis my intentions.

Remember I was visualizing different scenes when an 18 wheel tractor-trailer truck with painted sides appeared in front of an area I was looking at. The painted sides of the truck completely blended in with background, with a stone wall appearance rising above a body of water painted on the truck.

As the truck moved in front of the area I was in, it completed blended in with the scenery and I was unable to see the truck! I then moved forward, and the truck became apparent again, so I moved back to marvel at how amazing this total camouflage was! With my position, I could make the truck completely hidden and then move forward to see that it was only an illusion.

In hindsight, this may have been a preparation for me to move into the next scene. I next remember looking at the beautiful waterfall that was flowing across a large lake from where I was standing. As I love waterfalls, I wanted to get closer and somehow I KNEW I was able to move into this scene if I wanted to. At the same time, I also KNEW I was lying in bed, in the exact position that I really was in!

Wanting to see this waterfall, I just ‘pushed’ forward into the scene, and immediately heard the rushing, windy sounds of separation! This loud blowing sound I have heard many times before and I knew at this point I was separating!

However, this was NOT as easy an exit as my usual roll-outs! I was tugging and pushing so hard, hearing that wind, and focusing on that waterfall to try to control my movements! I feel I am succeeding in separating, but I find myself veering off from over the lake toward a building on my left that is on the edge of the lake.

I am now standing next to this building by the lake, knowing the waterfall is around the corner of the building to my left, so I enter the water. I immediately ‘feel’ the change in texture as I glided into the water, and take the time to go completely under to feel the difference. I put my head partially out, and still remember the different sensations I had being just partially submerged.

This exit is different also in that I FULLY KNOW that I am out of body, there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever and I am enjoying knowing this fact and using it to explore instead of just ‘letting go’ and ‘following along’ with whatever happens to me.

Now I want to get to the waterfall, and as I know I can move without swimming/walking, I just push ahead through the water, but I’m moving so slowly! I remember worrying that maybe I’m moving so slowly because the water is so ‘thick’ and heavy, so I think ‘jet-ski’ to try to make my movements faster! lol It worked!

(The belief we all have that we can’t ‘walk’ on water is quite difficult to overcome! This may also have been the reason I did not go into the water initially, but had to be steered toward the land next to the building at the water’s edge.)

I move to the area where I saw the waterfall, but when I get there, there is NO waterfall! I sense that I am to make the waterfall appear, so I visualize it and watch as it appears!! I can feel the water now flowing down and I play in the turbulent water as it hits the lake! (I do remember, though, that the waterfall I visualized certainly wasn’t as beautiful as the one I had seen initially!! lol)

Interestingly, my husband appears on the bank of this lake and yells to me something about getting a good bargain on a ‘case of nuts’ (!) he bought from his friend Dave. (I do think again this may have been MY belief somehow that I know my husband thinks I’m ‘nuts’ when I tell him about my adventures! lol) He also said something about, ‘well, I see you decided to put in a lake instead of a pool!’ as if we had been discussing this new addition!

I began to feel that transitional pullback and quickly made my key words in reverse order to help me remember as much detail as I can. Despite my best efforts, after recording I could not get back into as deep a mindset as I needed to return.

This experience was so different from my usual nighttime OOBs – I had that ‘dual consciousness’ initially knowing I was both in bed, yet able to go into my scene. I had a more difficult separation this time with the rushing noises, but with full awareness of separating. I was able to maintain full control at all time, never having to just ‘let go’ and allow things to happen.

As I have mentioned, I can also see that my ‘beliefs’ play a big part of what I experience – hence the reason many have such a difficult time in learning to navigate the astral experience. It has taken me a long time to get even this far as I know I am still a novice in learning these new realms!

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