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Sunday, January 25, 2009

94) Help from my Sons

This is another experience I had, once again waking at the unusual time of 12:30am after just a few hours sleep! While I was lying there, trying to get back to sleep, I figured I’d try to ‘play’ with the new energy visualizations that I had just learned about from another OBE’r. (see next entry # 95 for details)

I realize I am able to get the energy circling once again in my palms, visualizing it powering up my system. At some point, I then realize I’m in full vibrations, and am able to make them stronger and weaker upon command. At one point, I get them almost to the point of being painful, but I knew I was in control.

I feel the floating sensations, and see hypnagogic images forming, mostly geometric shapes, again remaining fully in control and playing with them until I feel a sensation on my feet! I have no memory of separation, yet I am now aware of tapping and playful moving of my right toes.

I realize somehow they are a young child’s hands, playing with my feet, so I take my left foot and start tickling the little boy (about age 2-3) who I now see hanging onto my right foot! I pick him up and bring him up on the bed, all the time tickling and playing with him, enjoying his laughter and the fun we are having. (In the recording, I mention that I cannot recall what else we did, but we did do other fun things together for a while)

At the next recall, the experience became more dream-like because I noticed the boy seemed to get older in age. I was not sure what to do with him, and got up to take him to the door that appeared. He wasn’t letting go, and he stood there forlornly looking at me, not wanting to go through this doorway!

Realizing he was ‘just a child’ in spite of his looks, I felt I had to take control and I opened the door and pushed him into the next room! Closing the door quickly behind him, I told him, “I have to think for a minute!” because I was really not sure what to do next!!

Standing there, I could see through the ‘wall’ into the room, and watched as he took off into the room (again as a young child of 2 or 3), so I opened the door to go in with him. I am astounded to see my OWN two sons in the room (both as young children of ages 3 and 5 – not 25 and 27 as they are today!)

My older son is playing with blocks, laughing as he knocks them down. My younger son is playing quietly off to the side, and this new young boy is hold what looks like a vacuum cleaner!! He’s making ‘vacuum’ noises as he plays with it, and I remember thinking, ‘gee, I should really turn it on and put him to work!’ lol All three boys were playing independently, yet together…that was the feeling. At this point I awaken, and record what I remember.

What is interesting here is that I remember a previous experience where a woman was thanking me for my boys and how much they helped her son when they were younger (see #12 in blog posts). I have no idea if it is the same reference, but I am still very happy to know my boys are helping others as well! (even though they may not know it!)

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