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Thursday, December 25, 2008

89) Clarity, Textures, and Limited Recall


I am writing this experience for the blog, but honestly, am not sure why! This was the first time that I did SO much in one night that I was not able to record it all in a way that I could recall enough details to share! This may even have been a collection of both OBE’s and lucid dreams.

These are the few details I can remember, but by no means, is it even a fraction of what I did! I can only say the feeling I am left with upon waking this am was that I was everywhere and doing everything!!

I do remember my first OOB separation last night because of the extreme clarity I had. At some point, I just ‘knew’ I could get up and move out, yet I don’t recall what my signal was. As I moved to the front door, I remember thinking how clear it all was - my thinking, my vision, everything about the separation - that it caused me to think perhaps I wasn’t really OOB!

As I approached the front door, it’s funny how I do remember my thoughts as, “well, if I’m not OOB, then I’m in for rude awakening as I slam into the front door!” I somehow knew that just the confusion of whether I was truly OOB or not was generally enough to just ‘go with it’ and try to walk through the door! Of course, despite the clarity of thought and vision as if I was completely wide awake, in fact I was OOB and can even remember the texture change as I passed through the door to the outside! (This clear awareness and confusion as to whether OOB or ‘real life’ I think is a major reason many people do not think they are OOB – it feels just the same!)

Unfortunately, once out, that is where my recollection is limited, except for the fact that I know I met many people in many different places. Initially, I remember just ‘exploring’ again, feeling the texture changes as I floated through the trees, down to the ground and placing my arms into the earth, and in general, just having fun!

Another time, I remember seeing my dog Buddy accompany me, as he just glided off the porch to catch up with me! There was another scene where I vaguely remember other dogs (2-3 of them) and Buddy around me, yet these other dogs were nipping at my hands and feet! I recall the ‘tingly’ sensation as they ‘bit’ my hands and feet – all the time knowing I couldn’t be hurt, but reveled in the fact that there was a noted ‘sensation’ as they tried to bite!

Another time I recall ‘waking’ to my husband coming down the stairs, yet knew that I had to remain still as this is frequently a false awakening (which it was again!) I remember hearing the sound of radios playing, another common signal that I am not really awake, and need to remain quiet to see what happens next! Of course, more did happen, but all I know is that I thought I was recording as much as I could on my recorder, trying to recall details, and then fully awakening a short time later to see that I did NOT record anything! All the details were lost!

The only other small memories I recall was that I was inside this old building (tower-like with a Chicago feeling) and while exploring, heard something above me. I knew I could just pass through the ceiling to get there, so I did! As I floated up, I was actually INSIDE the metal structure of the building, astonished at the intricate detail and scrollwork of the metal framing! At one of the top floors, I was directed to a doorway where other people were entering and heading for a ‘magic show’ of some type. I entered, and sat down with others to watch the show, and recall there was something at this table just for me…but what I don’t know!

The last small recollection I had was that I was at a college and going to my classes with a group of other people. While there, I was fine, attending class as usual, as long as I stayed with my group. However, I became separated from them and no longer knew where to go on this big campus to get to class! I remember asking someone, ‘why don’t they have maps for people to use at this college?’ and then realized having a map would not help me anyway because I didn’t even have my schedule of classes that would tell me where to go!

I am sorry I don’t have more to share this time, however, perhaps someone somewhere can learn something from these experiences.

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