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Thursday, December 4, 2008

87) Meeting "Family"


I decided to try for an OBE with the usual wake-back-to-bed (WBTB) routine this morning when I woke at 3 am. I set the intention of just ‘meeting someone’ without any particulars. Instead of my couch, I went to my daughter’s room for a change of scenery. For a little background information, my 18 year old daughter has not lived at home for the last six months, and I do miss her terribly. She is not far away, yet our time together is limited.

I know the fact that I was sleeping in her room played a major role in the experience I encountered this morning, as her energy is permeated throughout all her belongings left behind that she did not take with her.

After my usual induction, I became sharply aware of my daughter’s presence in the room, softly calling, “Mom….mom!” I didn’t answer her at first because I knew somehow that it could be one of the ‘false awakenings’ I have and wanted to wait it out to see what happened. My daughter then came close, and I could feel her hugging me with her face next to mine.

Once I felt her close hug (mostly on the right side), she started talking very softly about her problems she is encountering with her dad, her car and the tire getting soft, etc. and I could feel her sadness and her need to be with me. Her voice started drifting off, and now I knew I was in the ‘altered realms’ as I could feel the physical vibrations on my left side as she hugged my right side. I knew I could ‘speak’ now (mentally but within the experience I can hear my voice) and I’m telling her to please talk louder as I can’t hear her clearly.

She says, “I can’t get used to this separating stuff, it’s so scary”, and I am trying to allay her fears by saying “you’ll eventually get used to it after a while”….thinking it’s the OOB “separating”, but in hindsight perhaps she meant our actual physical separation that recently occurred (?).

She then said, “but I’m right now in a labor board meeting!” so I asked, “What are you doing there?” I did not get an answer as I started the fade back, with the thought that perhaps this really isn’t my daughter because she would not be doing anything with a ‘labor board meeting’…however, another thought that this may be a future event did cross my mind as I then had the vision of an older female, and so perhaps it IS possible that my daughter may encounter these same OOB ‘separating’ experiences in the future.

After recording, I settle in and quickly find myself sitting in long hallway, where I pick up something (piece of paper?) that had the name “Valentino Ortiz”. The first name “Valentino” is a close approximation, but I don’t feel it was the exact name. I asked, “Who is this… someone I can help?” and I immediately felt the familiar long black tunnel movement that takes me to where I need to be.

I found myself lying face up in the back of an open pickup truck, in the very early morning hours as it was just becoming daylight. I could see all sorts of stuff piled around me in the back of the truck, yet I was cozily tucked into blankets and comfortable with the ride in the back.

I could see two older Mexican-appearing women in the front with a young girl on the far right side. All of them had jet black hair, and the two older women (whom I could only see from the back) had ribbons and bows decorating their hair.

I knew we were on our way to someplace special, and the little girl in the front stood up, looked back at me, and was telling me all about the wonderful festival we were heading to, and how much fun we were going to have. It seems it was a yearly excursion, as I was a young toddler boy (her brother?) and this was to be my first time.

What is interesting, however, is that this little girl (about age 10) had the jet black hair, Mexican features, and a thin well-groomed black moustache, which I initially thought was quite unusual. However, I somehow knew also that this not an unusual feature to see for this group of people, and I was left with the impression that their faces were ‘cat-like’ (?).

I remember once arriving in the town for the festival I could see little shops with lots of different displays, with one that sold stuffed animals that I wanted. I’m thinking (as if I am myself, not the boy) that this family must be affluent enough to stay in the same hotel each year.

Now I’m no longer the little boy, standing off to the side of the street, and I am watching someone sitting across the street holding a very young baby, so small he could be wrapped in a ‘sock’ (?). A female is standing next to me and I realize it is my daughter again!

We take off together, holding hands tightly throughout the entire rest of the experience, moving about this town as she is telling me about her brother, saying “that boy has to do something with the casino… learn stuff about the casino”. I asked “is that what he should look into?” thinking she has some future information that I could use to help my son get established, and she said, “No, but it’d give him something to do for now.”

So I ask her, “Well, what are you going to do?” and she indicated she was going to do something to get enough money for a new bed. I clarified my question and said, “No, in life, what are you going to do with your life? You need to have an overall job, not just earn something to get piece by piece in life.” She then indicated she was interested in psychiatry, which immediately made me think of the previous experience with the “labor board meeting” comment from earlier.

I wanted to ask her more about that and just as we are going up this one street, things started to fade and I could feel her hand slipping from my grip. As the last of the fingers released, I could hear her holler, “No, Mommy, no!” which tugged at my heart center, as I became fully awake.

Once again I record this experience and realized that sleeping in this room was definitely making my experiences more personal. As I settled back in, I now find myself in a house with a Mexican family (not sure if it was the same one) that consisted of a father, mother, another woman (aunt?) and three boys.

I was there helping to fix the meal and they were showing me how to make something with the hot oil in the front room. The middle room was the dining area, completely set up for dinner, and I realized there was a back room where some excitement was going on.

It seems the mother of the family had just given birth to a very, very small baby and the young boys (all about 7-9 years old) were very upset. The one was the older brother of the baby and was talking with his two male cousins about how small the baby is, and how he’s not going to be any fun because he will have problems with his very small size. (I got the feeling this was perhaps the same very small baby I saw in the previous setting after I was out of the truck).

I was sitting with the boys, trying to get them to understand the situation, telling the big brother that it was ok to be mad and upset right now, but then he had to realize that he was needed as the ‘big brother’ to help take care of the baby. Something told me that the mother was not going to be able to have another child and this was the only chance he was going to have to get a sibling. The brother said something about “well, I wish Saul/Seth was still around,” which made me think there was an older brother that passed on previously that he missed.

Then there was more excitement, as someone yelled that we’d better go check on that food cooking. As I enter the middle room I could see flames and smoke coming out of the front room where the hot oil cooking was going on!! I knew we had to call 911, headed for the phone on the counter, but the father ran ahead of me and closed the door to that room. I knew the fire was out of control at this point!

I can still picture him holding the door closed, with a cloth across his mouth and nose, smoke all around, trying to reach for the phone. I felt paralyzed with fear, turned to yell for the others to get out of the house, yet felt as though I had cotton in my mouth and was unable to speak!

I could feel a sense of guilt that I perhaps had caused their home to be lost to fire, and it was at this exact point that I was startled awake, mid-scene, by my husband who was leaving for the day and needed to talk to me. This was the first time ever I have been awakened ‘for real’ during this type of experience, and the startled surprise awakening with a quick transition was very uncomfortable, especially since I was feeling very emotional at the point of waking.

I do not know how all this relates to anything, yet there seems to be an intertwining of events between the three experiences. I have learned that I should just write as I see it, and hope for validation and clarification from others at some point in the future.

At this time, I left a message for my daughter to call me, as I told her she visited me last night and want to correlate this if I can. Keep checking back and I’ll post anything of significance that happens to clarify any of these events.

Meanwhile, any insights or feedback on these experiences will always be greatly appreciated!

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Anonymous said...

Could it be that you are time travelling within incarnations as different people, with this OOBE? Or maybe your psychic sensitivity has been `raised', as you are in an altered state, and you are picking up stuff from the astral realm that is either in the past or present.

There seems to be a common theme of missing people in this OOBE, almost like a dream that can be constructed within the mind. You would have to verify if your daughter experienced any contact that night, to start with. I have dreamed in the future before; perhaps this explains the board meeting, as you say.

Interesting. I see your `centres' are active - your heart strings and the energy up one side, when you were hugged. Just like me!

Sorry, that's all I can offer...not much!

Interesting stuff.

Best wishes,