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Thursday, November 20, 2008

84) Kindness to Undesirables


I have been having some very different types of ‘dreams’ and OBEs lately in the sense that I feel I do not have the control or ability to determine my movements in a pre-planned manner.

I thought since there aren’t any great experiences to report, I would still share a sample of what I am encountering at this time. The past few weeks have been rather upsetting and disconcerting for me, and I know this always plays a role in my OOB experiences, usually in reducing the frequency of exit. However, I know I am still ‘getting out’, but have neither the recall nor the ability to determine my movements as I once did.


I became aware of my signal that I was ready to roll out and attempted to move. It was very difficult to get up out of the body as I had to exit from my side instead of straight up. It was dark once again, feeling blind and heavy, yet I could hear noises clearly. There were conversations and white static type noise drifting in and out.

I knew due to my real life issues that concentrating would be difficult so I had set the intention prior to meet with my guide Richard and ask for his help. While standing there, I remembered to ask, “Richard, where are you?” and immediately received the answer from the other side of the front door, “I am here”. However, it was just too heavy and thick to move and I reentered my body and faded back to being aware.

Shortly thereafter, I exited a second time, but once again had no control. I felt as though I was being pulled backward down the other bedroom hallway (one I have never traveled down before in an OBE). I could feel my arms out to my sides, and the different textures as we passed through the various walls and objects. I could feel the floating and flying sensation, however, it faded to blackness and I have no further recall.

A third time this same night I was aware of being awake and feeling the vibrations start. I was consciously able to increase and decrease their intensity, sometimes to the point of being almost painful. I was not able to exit, but then realized my ‘astral vision’ was opening as I clearly saw ‘into’ the aperture that was opening. I knew I was lying on the couch, looking up into the most beautiful starry sky once again, but through a ‘windshield’ of sorts, that quickly became a canopy of leaves. I knew I was wide awake, in a very light state of consciousness and yet seeing the night sky as it was framed by the gentle sway of leaves on trees.

It was also during this timeframe that I recall seeing my husband and son come into the living room and leaving through the front door, as I felt there had been a fire call they had to respond to (both volunteer firemen). I was astonished later that morning upon talking with him that there was no fire call and that he and my son did not ever leave the house! It had to have been a false awakening and I had no idea!


I am not classifying this experience as dream or OBE, as I just have no idea which it was. Honestly though, I feel there is no difference anyway when it comes to symbolism and meaning. There is always something to learn from both!

I was aware I was in the process of helping some people that needed my assistance. I remember these people were of the ‘homeless, destitute, unkempt’ type individuals and I was giving them a place to stay. For some reason, I had a ‘wig’ I would put on that would make me more ‘like them’ so that I would ‘fit in’ better. (It appeared to me to be a ‘dreadlock’ type wig). For some reason, a few wanted to leave in the middle of the night, and I was busy trying to make sure they would be safe once they left the house.

Next recall I have is that I am in another area and see one of these ‘messy-hair’ men along the way. He is upset that someone had broken his ‘control’ stick so I handed him mine that I knew I had just bought prior to coming. He was most appreciative of my gesture.

I continued on into another room, this one made entirely of cold, dark, dank stone. There was this disheveled young male in there with very dark (makeup-type) circles under his eyes giving him a creepy disturbing image. I remember thinking I should be afraid, yet I had no fear.

I looked around the room and walked to the back corner. Standing there, I was amazed as I watched this light colored jar/jug move on its own closer to me, and then quickly change into a ‘white light’ area on the floor with a saying written inside this area. I am not sure the exact wording but it registered as something akin to ‘loving one another’ or ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ or something to that effect.

As I read it, I acknowledged it as a ‘religious truth’ to live by, and the young man walks up to me. He’s telling me all about how “big this will be” (as he is pointing to the far corner of the room), “it’ll be made all out of chrome”. I said “What will be? What are you making?” and I get the word ‘centomere’ (?sp) or ‘sarcomere’. (I got the feeling it was a closed box of some kind - ?casket-like?)

Not knowing what that is, I ask ‘what is that for?’ and he says, “it’s for your kindness”. I felt so appreciative of this gesture, realizing he wanted to build this in tribute to me and my ‘kindness’. I try to say, ‘oh no, it’s not necessary’ and so on, but I was immediately brought back to full awareness with the feeling that I was not to say this and should allow him to show his appreciation.

In reviewing the recording, the word ‘centomere’ was repeated three times, so I’m assuming that is how it registered to me. I have no idea if such a thing exists, however, in this experience, it did!


My thanks once again for Keith and his research into the 'centromere' and 'chrome' references, as well as it's possible link to 'consciousness'!! Wow, just amazing! Its too much to be 'just a coincidence'!!

Keith wrote:
Concerning the word “centomere” which will be all make out of “chrome,” I’ve been pondering this today. This may have no connection, but I looked up the word “centomere” on google. I didn’t find it; however, I found a word that was spelled quite similar: “centromere.” According to what I read: “A centromere is the constricted region near the center of a human chromosome. This is the region of the chromosome where the two sister chromatids are joined to one another.” I do find it interesting that you noticed a word “centomere” which was to be something build out of chrome for your kindness. There may be no connnection here. However, the word “centromere” is very similar to “centomere,” AND “chromosome” and “chrome” are similar.

I did some further research, and I discovered an article entitled: “Is Centrioles or Centromere the Center of Consciousness?”

Here is the introduction to this article:

Modern day consciousness research is centered around centrioles, an organel that emerges during the cell division and divides and move to the poles, develops spindle fibers that attaches to the centromere of the chromosome to split and pull them to two poles to cause the division. This branch of research was initiated by a brilliant Anesthetist Dr. Stuart Hameroff who teamed with equally brilliant quantum physicist Roger Penrose.

But the question here is centrioles the center of consciousness. A little logical analysis of the process of cell division should tilt our focus from the centrioles to centromere. Let us quickly review the steps involved cell division. . .

Anyway, the article takes off from there and goes on for another 50 plus pages. I’m not a quantum physicist, but the little I read was so fasinating. Again, I may be off on a wild goose chase. At any rate, my own search of “centromeres” has lead me to information on consciousness that I wasn’t aware of before, so thank you for your “hint.”

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