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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

80) Earth from Space; Picture Blending

Another short OBE, and one that is not as 'in depth', but still I thought I'd share!

3:15am 10/28/08

With the last two experiences being totally spontaneous (which means without moving to the couch and mentally preparing myself with affirmations and visualizations), I thought I’d try once again, upon going to sleep, to mentally request help and guidance from those ‘who are at or above my level of development’ and if it was possible to experience another spontaneous OBE.

Somehow the knowing that help is there for the asking is more deeply ingrained within my subconscious, so I felt it was something I needed to try to validate this new understanding. I was surprised and thrilled to awaken from another spontaneous OBE a short while later!!

My first recall was lying in bed, with my husband intently watching me as he knew I was attempting to get into the proper mind frame for OBE travelling. (In real life, he was sleeping next to me, as I apparently was). I could hear him say to someone, ‘watch, she’s going out!’ as if he was concerned that I was going into this trance. I was fully aware of his concern, yet knew I wanted to do this so continued on. I was reading words as they scrolled on a monitor next to my bed that placed me in this ‘trance, and was able feel the movement into this altered state as I read.

At some point, I just knew I was ready to ‘get out’. I don’t have any recollection as to what the signal was, but remember once again thinking that if I even have the smallest thought that I was ‘ready’ I should go with it! So instead of rolling out, it felt like I just ‘walked out’ this time and headed for the porch door.

Once I moved through the door to the porch I knew I was out for certain. Standing outside, I could feel the rain, and remembered it was pouring when I feel asleep (which it was in real life).

However, despite being a distance away, I still felt the very strong tugging, pulling me back to body. Not wanting to let it pull me back, I just tumbled over the railing to the ground, feeling the rail as I passed through.

On the ground I realize I’m blind, in pure blackness, and as I move, I know I am passing through things as I can feel the texture changes. In an attempt to clear up my vision, I remember affirming, ‘clarity now!’ twice, yet with no results!

Not being sure where I was, I figured I’d just shoot straight up like a rocket to the far reaches of the solar system, wanting to see the Earth from outer space once again.

As I moved upward, the movement vibration changed, and it became the familiar black tunnel as I have previously experienced.

At some point, I could see the Earth in all its blue and white beauty, and realized I was still moving away, backwards! The Earth became smaller and smaller, and at the point where it became the size of a beach ball (that’s what my thoughts were – it’s a beach ball!), I heard the words, “It is whatever you think it is”. At that point, I knew it was a beach ball, so I playfully batted it away as if a toy!

There is some loss of recall here, because the next memory I recorded is the ending that is just a bit confusing to write about as I don’t fully remember its meaning, which I know I had at the time.

I saw a series of pictures, and knew these were my ‘saved’ pictures that I could blend into. You move into what you save, and these pictures were the ones I saved. Looking at one picture of my family in younger years (brothers, sister, mom, dad on a bench), I said that I didn’t really remember taking that exact picture, but yet it was one I choose to transition into. It seems everyone has their own set of saved pictures that you are able to ‘go’ into.

I am writing here exactly what I recorded because I really don’t have the ability to make too much sense of it at this time. It is my hope that someone has some insight as to what it all means, and can share their thoughts!

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