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Sunday, October 12, 2008

77) Higher Self; Click Out


I became aware within a dream that I was once again driving, having arrived at a crossroads that had some sort of anomaly in it (unusual road sign?), and had that slight hesitation of doubt as to whether I am really driving, which allowed me to become aware of my dream state.

I did not take the time to look at my hands (my usual way of determining readiness), but just jumped backward quickly without a care as to whether I was really driving or not! I remember even thinking, “Well, I certainly hope I’m not really driving!”, but yet my subconscious knows that if I have to have even a shred of doubt, then it’s my signal to exit!

I then rolled off the couch, feeling the usual pulling and tugging, and used the affirmation ‘to the door!’ with ease. Again I was in total darkness, blind, yet still aware of where I had to go. As I moved through the front door, I remembered I wanted to go to my Higher Self, to seek guidance and support from the one place that I know I will get the best answers from.

I paused on the front porch, briefly thinking I’d like to go see G.S., but more importantly wanted to see where my Higher Self would take me.

I did a small jump, affirmed ‘to my Higher Self” and started floating upward, moving quickly backward through blackness. What is interesting here is that I ended up back inside the house, once again floating gently above my sleeping body, fully aware I am still out of body.

This time, however, there was a big difference in feeling, in that I merely had to ‘step out’ to move away. The clarity of this experience was in stark contrast to my first exit! I was fully conscious, with perfect vision, and feeling so much more in control and ‘clear’ in all aspects! This exit felt to be on a much higher level or vibration.

I moved again to the front door and out, clearing seeing my yard and beautiful night sky, and once again started floating up gently and peacefully. I vaguely remember seeing the scenery change into something I know is not here in ‘real life’.

It is at this point I would have to say for the first time ever, I must have ‘clicked out’ in a sense. I have absolutely no memories (not even vague knowings/feelings of activities like I usually have) from the scenery change to the next recall.

The next recall was one of profound peace, joy, and contentedness…drifting gently, listening to the most beautiful music! The music was most interesting in that it wasn’t just ‘musical notes’ I heard, but actual feelings, emotions, and even messages I was receiving while listening to it!

I also knew that I was going back to body, making a peaceful, leisurely return, and then thought I’d like to get in just a few aerial acrobatics before returning!! I remember doing two forward rolls, enjoying the sensations, and noticing that someone is just off to my left as he (male feeling) lightly touched my left hand to tell me he was there.

Thoroughly enjoying myself, I mentally had a conversation with this person, and the only memory of our discussion was just before re-entry when I lightheartedly bargained with him, ‘well, I’ll go back because I have to record this experience, but only on the condition that I will definitely get out again!’ lol

I had the most gentle return to body I have ever had, lightly settling in, becoming slowly aware of loud rushing sounds that usually precedes my OBEs, most prominently heard in the center of my forehead. It was unusual for me to hear this upon return.

There were other dreams I had after this, but I did not record them. I have no excuse for why not, except to say that I felt (at the time) there was nothing that needed to be recorded! That again is most unusual, as I do try to record everything knowing that I may not be of enough ‘conscious’ mind at the time to make that decision to record or not!

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