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Thursday, October 2, 2008

75) Short OOBEs within LD; Astral Vision (City/Smoke)


My experiences last night were unusual in many ways, mostly in the sense that I was not as in control as I usually like to be. The sequences I will relate are rather disjointed and may have some personal symbolism hidden within them, but I still feel may be beneficial for posting here as I think everyone should know that all my experiences are not always organized and controlled, and may have hidden lessons within them despite their confusion. By sharing them I am hoping that someone has some insight as to what this mixed up mess means!! lol

I became aware of my usual signal of ‘floating body parts’ and was excited to think I was ready to get OOB. Rolling out, I realized I was not on the couch (as I really was) but getting out of a bed, one that was in an unfamiliar room.

I was amazed at the ease of separation and the clarity of my thinking! It was just as if I decided to get up and go – no obvious difference in sensations or thought processes, yet I knew I was OOB. I recall pausing at the end of the bed, wondering if I should look back to the bed to see my 'self', but thought twice of it since I knew I may return to body if I did!

I moved out the bedroom and into a hallway, again one that was not familiar. As I wondered where I was, I felt a ‘dissolving’ sensation, which is my indication that I was too awake to sustain this OOBE.

My concern was realized when I woke completely, and then had much difficulty in returning to the proper mind-state for the next hour or so. This is the longest attempt I have ever had to try to get back to that focused state. This ‘being awake’ worry may have played a part in the next sequence of events. I found myself very much aware of ‘still’ being awake, yet in hindsight, had actually had moved within a lucid dream and yet was not able to take control as I usually do.

Thinking I am having trouble falling asleep, I decided I would go outdoors to see if some fresh air would help. (Why I didn’t realize I was really asleep and dreaming, I don’t know…there was enough unusual ‘signals’ in the next sequence of events that should have triggered my awareness!)

I moved out of the house, yet it was not my house, it was a ‘grandfather’s’ house, yet I do not know whose grandfather. As I exited, I was next to the garage and remarked to myself that I was going to have to clean up all the clutter piled around and it was going to take some time (it seems the clutter was unused building materials, including a long thin light bulb I moved). I also remembered thinking that the ‘grandfather’ that lived here was not going to be able to keep up with the lawn mowing and upkeep of the house, that maybe I should get someone (my son?) to offer to help.

I knew there was a bench in the yard just outside the house and I headed over to it, hoping I’d be able to rest there and travel OOB from that location. It was a plastic type bench, long enough to rest on, and I also remember being glad I was wearing a winter coat with hood, so that the hood would be able to be used as my pillow.

The bench was covered with fine sand, and I had to brush off the sand to prevent getting the coat dirty, knowing that it was put there by the little girl who played in the nearby sandbox earlier. After lying down, I got comfortable and began to relax, hoping to sleep and travel.

However, I was not alone. My husband showed up and was trying to ‘annoy’ me by piling things on top of me! Trying to distract him, I mentioned that he should look at the unusual cloud formations above us. Something about the clouds gave me the signal that I was indeed able to get OOB at that time! I remember rolling off the bench and then feeling the tugging and pulling of yet another difficult separation.

Knowing I had to move away from the bench, I headed straight for the center of the large yard, not really knowing where to go! Standing in the yard, I decided to fly straight up and zoomed into the now starry night! I remember floating among the stars and enjoying their beauty, then yet again after only a few moments of OOB, found myself (supposedly) wide awake back on the bench!

This is where things get confusing. There are these events that happen, that I can ‘see’, and interactions with many different people who come up to the bench. What I ‘see’ (while I'm on the bench) is black smoke rising from a city, and then am able to make out the Empire State building in the distance! My mom is standing there by me on the bench, and I remember holding a pair of glasses with the right side lens cracked and jagged. She tells me she’ll take care of getting them fixed, but I said “no, I’m due for an eye exam anyway so I will.” She also tells me she called someone about the black smoke and reassured me that it would not be a concern for us, as it had something to do with two female pharmacists in the city who were disgruntled and set off a bomb (blew themselves up??)

Thinking I had to start recording these events I was seeing, I fumbled with my recorder, only to find it once again in pieces! I just couldn’t get it back together quick enough and I remember it humming and buzzing even though it was disconnected! Then a radio came on (built into recorder, I guess) and I hear “WABC” and then a different radio station in another language coming through the recorder! A coworker shows up next to the bench now and she starts singing(?)/talking in this other language along with the radio – and I’m surprised she can understand what is being said!

I do finally wake ‘for real’ and realize there is no recorder in my hand, and I try desperately to remember all these details in some semblance of order! The whole time I’m on this bench worrying that I really wanted to get OOB and travel and yet had to deal with all these distractions/people that wouldn’t allow me to focus properly.

My thought process was that I’m still wide awake (as I was previously) when in actuality I was already within a lucid dream and capable of getting out, but felt much too ‘grounded’ in my thinking to be consciously in control of the dream elements. I do know I was able to twice get OOB, but only briefly, each time unwillingly returning, yet not fully awake.

I am just not sure what happened in this mixed up experience but I thought I still should share it to see what other may have for any insight!


I just thought I'd add a quick addendum here relating to this unusual experience.

It seems after talking with GS (the one I had previously tried connecting with a recent OOBE), it was HIS desire to know if one could actually have an OOBE from WITHIN a LD!!! Additionally, he wanted to know if 'astral vision' was also accessible from within a LD! These were questions he sought more information on...and it seems I helped him find the answer!

I believe that due to his desire and our talks, I was able to experience this to show it IS possible! It's not exactly my usual format for OOBE's, but he feels strongly that this experience DID answer his question!

At least it makes me feel a bit better for having such an unusual inside out experience!

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