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Thursday, September 4, 2008

72) Easy Exit Recall


My initial recall for this experience started with another ‘false awakening’ in the sense that I knew I was on the couch and again heard my stepson come into the living room. Having learned to ‘just go with it’ and not wake myself up despite my feeling of already being fully awake, I listen as I hear him come over to the couch and start searching for something.

Now I can see him standing next to the couch (as far as I’m concerned, I’m still ‘pretending’ to be asleep, with my eyes closed, yet didn’t think twice of being able to see him!) and he is ‘physically’ touching the blankets (as I can feel his touch and tugging at the covers!) looking for something, appearing slightly upset.

At this point I am certain this is a false awakening as I know my stepson would NOT be doing this in real life! lol Now I attempt to communicate and mentally ask him, “what are you looking for?” Getting no response, I ask twice more and then watch as he actually dissipates before my eyes!

As he disappears, I get intense warm sensations (almost like burning) on my back/spine area and a feeling of fullness in my head. This is something new, as it was not the same as the vibrations I have previously felt in other OOBEs.

The next recall I have I am up and out of body, zooming through my house, thinking and SEEING so clearly! I move through the walls to the outdoors and am just reveling in the awesome feeling of lightness and freedom! The clarity of my ‘being’ at that time was phenomenal!

So now I’m outside, flying and zooming, and so enjoying myself! Without thinking that it was unusual, I was seeing my house and yard in a winter scene, with snow banks and snow covering most of the area (it’s summertime right now!) I also see my house and surroundings not as they actually appear, but in a more ‘elegant’ state, bigger and better in every sense. (My feeling was that this IS my house, but my perception of it was to the degree as I always wished it could be – perfect in every way)

I remember even zooming through a snow bank to feel the change in texture, as I then flew around the back of the house toward my parents’ house down the road. I can see their house as well, knowing it IS their house, yet again it is so much bigger and better than it actually is in real life!

I recall thinking, ‘aw, no lights are on’…but then upon getting closer, could see lights on and people inside. I thought ‘hey, I might as well go inside and see what I can find’, but then remembered, ‘oh, wait, I wanted to go see if I could find G.S!’

So, at that moment of realization, I changed flying direction and zoomed straight up into the dark sky, with the question, “G.S. where are you?” repeated over and over. I remember the darkness enveloping me, and tried listening for any response. I also recall thinking, ‘gee, I wish I had set up a signal word to focus on because that could have helped’.

Realizing I was not getting anywhere, and hearing no reply, I became fully aware and recorded this experience. However, in hindsight, upon my relaxing back into the ‘mindstate’ necessary for more recall, did record something I barely remember recording! (I guess I am getting pretty good at running the recorder even while my conscious mind is not completely back in physical!)

The snippet I recorded was the fact that I felt as if I was trying to get someone, who felt like they could not do something, to realize that they really could. This ‘someone’ felt like it was part of me, yet it also felt like someone else (?). I do not have a clear recollection of what it was being attempted to do, but I knew I was trying to help.

I then wanted to try to once again get out and experience that wonderful sense of freedom and flying so I relaxed back into another attempt. I became aware this time of voices talking, and can recall hearing specific conversations, but yet not really paying attention to what was being said. One voice I recognized as my sister, which gave me the knowing that since she is not really here in my house, I must be nearly ready to get out again.

There were some floating sensations, but it was nothing like the previous exit, and I felt ‘incomplete’ or awkward in some way. Not being the most patient type of person when it comes to ‘getting out’ (lol), I say ‘oh well, let just try it!’ and remember taking my leg and swinging it up and over as if to roll out and off the couch.

It worked! But I found myself standing in the living room but with such heaviness and difficulty in moving! My affirmation of ‘to the door!’ was not working, and I knew I had to do something quickly or I’d be back in body.

I do not know how I thought of it, but what I did was to quickly visualize the easy time I just had previously and the sensations of freedom and lightness I felt in flying. I could actually make myself ‘feel’ those zooming movements, and the lightness of being able to fly in any position, feet up, head down, whatever. Funny thing is I remember visualizing myself flying through autumn-colored leaves on trees (again wrong season!). By recreating this sensation, I immediately found myself back outside my house and flying!

So I am once again doing my aerial acrobatics through the trees near my house, noticing they are now barren of leaves (must be winter again! lol) I distinctly recall going to one particular tree, tall yet skinny enough to put my hands around the truck/branch at the top) and shaking it! I was so clear in my thinking, I could physically feel this tree, and was saying to myself, ‘don’t tell me this isn’t real!!’ as if I had to convince someone!

So I try to head back to my parents’ house, thinking I’d like to also go see G.S., but this is so much more fun! Somehow, and without any recall of how/why, I found myself in soft loose dirt near an embankment that is close to my parents’ house (actually embankment is there in real life). Someone was there with me, a male, and I was talking with him.

Once again, the heaviness returned, I felt ‘grounded’ to the point where I could barely move. I remember crawling in the dirt, seeing the impressions of my feet as I tried to scale the embankment. (I am feeling that this person I was with was more ‘grounded’ in his vibrations, hence my need to feel it also to communicate). I also remember thinking, ‘I should be able to just say ‘to the house’ and go but it also wasn’t working.

He said something like, ‘let me see what I have here with me for a ‘vice’ (my impression was a cigarette or something), as he was interested in watching a movie with it (?). Again, more was talked about, but I have no recall.

The heaviness persisted, and I found I even had ‘dirt’ in my mouth, requiring me to spit it out a few times. By the third ‘spit’, I realized that I was actually ‘spitting’ in real life, which brought me to more awareness when I realized what I had done! I tried desperately to get ‘back in’, but the physical sensation of ‘spitting’ just woke me too much.

This experience was unique in the sense that my exits were so different! Yet I was able to use the visualization of the extremely easy exit to help me get out again a second time (when I probably was not fully able to separate due to my impatience! lol)

Also, the unusual sensation I had on my back/head was just a bit alarming at first, however, I have learned to go with whatever is happening to continue on in the experience. I am wondering if this new sensation had anything to do with the fact that that easy exit was with such clarity and lightness. I was just an amazing sensation that I wish everyone could experience it!

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