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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Real Life Always Takes Over

I thought I'd post a quick note here to let everyone know that this time in my life is extremely full of 'real life' events that take a lot of physical and psychological energy away from me.

With this, there is always the lessening of 'travel', and more personal type issues being shown to me in my dreams that I don't feel would benefit my visitors at this time.

I do wish to thank everyone for taking the time to check in on my blog and read my posts - Some of you have contacted me and I am so pleased to help as I can with your own experiences!

Keep the emails coming if you have questions - it does help to remind me that there is SO much more to our lives than just the 'real life' events coming at me!! lol

I wish I was able to know who it is that visits my blog and share in the tremendous amount of knowledge that must be out there! For now, I'm happy to see that the counter at the bottom of the page keeps going up - so that tells me SOMEONE is reading my posts!! lol

Thanks to everyone who visits for their time....


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