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Saturday, July 26, 2008

65) Multiple Exits - Pet Reunion

I went to my ‘traveling’ couch about 3am as per my routine, in the hopes that I could finally get settled enough to do some traveling again. I have been so busy lately, that I have not had the time or energy to focus my intent properly to get OOB.

This time, though, I knew I had to be sure I was not losing my abilities since it seemed to be such a long time since my last conscious experience. So, I’m on the couch, with my black lab, Buddy, (who follows me everywhere!) sleeping on floor next to me.

I became aware of floating sensation, a signal I am very familiar with, and I get excited! Whether it was excitement, with eager anticipation and premature roll out or just plain lack of ‘practice’, the first OOB roll out was very difficult! I remember feeling very, very strong pulling energy, fighting for every inch of separation, until exasperated and defiant that I was NOT going to lose this chance, I very strongly intended ‘TO THE DOOR!’ which made full separation and movement to the front door.

Once out of the front door, I remembered I wanted to do ‘Inward Now’ to give me a chance to learn more about myself. I had the usual feeling of blackness and movement, then find myself in a room, with an overall feeling of ‘blue color’ (male?) and birthday party. The room was sparse, with objects lying around (no recall as to what though).

I remember heading up some carpeted narrow stairs to a bedroom on the right. As I enter, I see two twin beds on the left with a sink with water running (something in sink?) on the right. I turned farther to the left to see rest of room, and could see a room (bathroom?) with the light on.

I felt someone was in there, and as I look down I see an infant (few months old - girl - dark hair) sleeping on floor. There was a woman there I ‘felt’ to be someone similar to a coworker, yet may only have been someone who looked a bit like her. There was no interaction that I can recall except that she was happy despite having to live in such cramped, but homey, quarters.

I was aware enough to know that I had to start ‘memorizing’ words to remember my traveling as there was lots of little things I did (feeling of relearning?) and the ability to remember was one of them. Again, I know I had the recorder in my hand and was talking into it, yet upon fully waking realized I hadn’t moved and the recorder was still on my nightstand. So much may have been lost due to the fact that I was in a ’false awakening’ and I thought it was already recorded!

Again, after recording for real, I settle back and realize I’m again in full vibrations, knowing I could just roll out again.

It was much easier to separate, and I decide to go out the side door this time, passing by my sleeping dog. As I passed, I heard him (as usual) get up to accompany me! (He has accompanied me previously on my OOBE’s as you can read in the blog)

I take notice to feel that ‘tingly’ change in texture as I pass through the side door, with Buddy at my heels. Once outside on the deck, I am trying desperately to clear up my vision, as it was so dark! I remember saying "clarity now!" and “I can see now!” yet nothing worked. So as usual when I’m frustrated, I figure I’d just jump up and take off without regard for where I was going.

As I jump, I feel Buddy clamp down (bite, but no pain) on my left hand yet give no thought to the fact that maybe I should stay here. (As I did before in another experience when my dog tried to stop me by clamping onto my hand.) I turn, say to him, ‘aw, come on Buddy, come with me!’ and I pick him up, curl him under my arm (this would be no small feat in real life!! lol) then jumped.

I knew I wanted to go up, but found myself having difficulty in flying. I try to do my flips and fun stuff, but was awkward and slow. (I am now thinking that this may have been due to the fact that I had my dog with me, and his fear – that I know he had in a previous OOB) might be giving me the difficulties. I keep trying, saying, ‘let’s go up, go up into space’ and I can still see I’m not moving well, as the tops of the trees remain above me.

Rather frustrated, yet defiant that I can do this, I say “I’m a rocket!” and use the imagery of shooting up into space! I now feel the shooting up, anticipating seeing galaxies and the beauty of outer space (I remember thinking how wonderful it was previously). Nothing appeared, and I once again found myself back on the couch.

This time, the floating feeling tells me I’m ready to roll out, which I do easily. I repeat the same sequence going to the side door, hearing Buddy once again accompany me, and feeling that texture change as I pass through the door.

Once again, as I try to jump off the deck, Buddy takes my left hand in his mouth, and I pick him up. This time, however, I had second thoughts of taking off (I remembered the last experience) and said maybe I’m supposed to stay down low here. So I float off the deck, landed on black top area, which appeared to be part of a path with a park-like feeling to it.

Buddy is at my side now, and I was so surprised to see a little dog trotting up to us! It was a neighbor’s dog that Buddy used to play with who died a few years ago! She greets Buddy nose to nose, as I pet them both saying, “well, Buddy, look who’s here!!”

I wake shortly thereafter and record all I can recall. I know in terms of ‘wow’ experiences this may not be one, however, I am satisfied that I still have the ability to get OOB and in this case, may have helped my older dog also realize that his own friends are still around to visit!

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Unknown said...

That's very cool about the dogs. It's very strange, it seems familiar; I had to reply.