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Saturday, July 5, 2008

64) False Awakening with Simultaneous Consciousness & Woman in Bedroom

7/05/08 (Part 3 of previous experience)

I thought I was awake as I heard a pager or cellphone (set on vibrate) going off in the other room. This brought me to awareness, but despite my thinking I was completely awake, it was to be a false awakening.

I now hear birds outside my bedroom window (as I do often in the AM), but this time I’m talking to the one bird that loudly responding back. I’m trying to convince the bird to come here because I need it to ‘translate’ for me! I remember raising my right hand up, as if making a perch for it to come sit on.

At the same time, I am also aware there is a woman at the base of the bed, talking and talking, not making much sense, as I am not really paying attention to her words.

I remember I had a phone in one hand and my recorder in the other, and began moving them so that the recorder was near my heart in my left hand and the phone was further down on the bed.

So now I thought, ‘wait, I really wasn’t awake with the bird because I wouldn’t have had my recorder so far away from me!’ (First ‘false awakening’ realization)

I am still listening to the woman continue to talk and talk, not understanding her because I’m paying her no attention. (Odd that I’m not wondering why this woman is in my bedroom! lol)

I am aware that my husband gets up out of bed (for real!) at this point while she is still talking to me!

She says something like, ‘well I’ll just have to wait here’ (until I gave her some attention?) I was surprised to feel hands on my toes, moving them, to tell me where she was. I could feel the solid recorder in left hand, holding something else very solid feeling in my right hand.

At that point, my husband comes out of the bathroom, and I become fully awake – realizing there is nothing in my hands, my feet were no longer being touched, and no strange woman standing at the base of the bed! (Second ‘false awakening’ realization)

This was a most unusual experience for me, to have part consciousness of ‘real life’ happenings along with my altered state of consciousness still being aware of other realms and people. I’m not sure if I again missed an opportunity to help someone, or if I was just being shown another experience I have never had before.

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