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Saturday, April 26, 2008

54) Lucid Dream - Warning?

It's been a very busy few weeks for me with many life events and problems that take energy away from my ability to 'work' within the spiritual realms as much as I'd like to.

With that, I thought I'd share a quick lucid dream (possible OOBE, but not sure) that I had last night.

My initial recall is that I was visiting with two girlfriends, one of whom was interested in trying to put me 'in trance' to see what could be learned. Unfortunately, upon entering trance state, it was obvious to us that I was having a problem 'waking up' and remained semi-comatose for the course of the entire night and next day, despite their best attempts to awaken me.

During this entire 'semi-comatose' time, however, I was fully aware of what my friends were doing in trying to arouse me, yet I was totally unable to interact. It was only with the application of a 'musical wand' to my solar plexus area that I felt burst of energy and light that enabled me to awaken.

Now I found myself outside on a tree-lined sidewalk, trying to walk through some sort of snow-like covering, next to a small church. While walking through this deep snow, I felt something clamp onto my right foot and right hand! It was painful, yet I knew it was not going to come off just by shaking - so I had to affirm its release by surrounding it with white light and demand it to go in the name of Jesus as I threw it toward the church....(I assume that was the reason I was next to the small church).

I then see a familiar face (light brown wavy hair young man) waiting for me standing on the sidewalk at the entrance to a forest. He is smiling and we talk, but I have no recall except for the fact that he warned me that I must be more careful. As I know he is inferring to the fact that I must now go through the forest ahead of me, so I ask him to accompany me and he just smiles.

I awaken fully with these strong memories, but without the usual feeling of having been OOB. Yet, I know....I was interacting with something and someone - and I think about what just happened.

There was only one major difference between this experience and all the rest - and that is the fact that due to my hectic life schedule, I did my usual 'intention' to travel, but did not take the time to protect myself with white light and do my energy activations. It is possible that now with my more involved interactions within the spiritual realms, that I must now remember to be more careful in protecting myself for future experiences.

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Anonymous said...

Your experience with the musical wand is interesting to me because I too had a similiar experience with the spirits using what looked like musical tuning forks which look like simplified hair combs. Even on Earth we say that we 'tone' our abs! :-)
I'd never read of anything like that until now. Had you heard of it before? I have another riend who also described something similiar, saying the instrument was the inside of a harmonica.
Since then 2 yrs ago my spiritual experiences have continued and developed!