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Sunday, March 2, 2008

48) Another 'Almost there' OOBE


I have just returned from a trip with my son, wife, and grandchild and while I was in the hotel, I had another traveling experience, although again, it really wasn't much....and stopped MUCH too soon!!!

I am reading a book by Dolores Cannon about her regressions for the 'in-between' lives in the book called, "Between Death and Life". It's so interesting...and the chapter I had just finished there was about one person's travel to the Temple of Healing with the Chamber of Colors and Light...(a beautifully described place with gemstones and light that heals the etheric body) well as their visit to the Tapestry of Life. (Another more complex form of the Akashic records instead of a book/library)

I was so enthralled with its description that I thought I'd put in the intent to travel there. Amazingly, I was able to become aware I was 'getting out', but not in the near physical. I was aware of being at the top of a mountain, looking over the valley and trees below, and knowing I was able to continue on 'out' off the mountain and fly.

As I flew, my view of the trees and valley became more and more 'cloudy' as I felt I was being pulled backward. It was at this point that I was fully aware, and very conscious, that I could go wherever I wanted. I remembered easily that I wanted to go to the "Temple of Healing" and put in my affirmation as such.

The backward travel became faster, darker (as if through a tunnel), with physical vibratory sensations being felt on my left hip and head areas. I was very comfortable with the mode of travel (having done it many times) and was trying to keep my excitement (which I felt I did) to a minimum.

Just as the travel started to slow, I clearly heard a MUFFLED female voice say something, (about 4-5 words), but I could not understand any of it!! I remember asking, "please repeat!" knowing it was something important, and had the impression somehow it was about my 'breathing"(?) I was confused as I was not breathing any differently than usual - so maybe my impression was wrong, I just am not sure.

Unfortunately, right after hearing the words, I became fully aware - to the point of being awake! I was SO disappointed to find myself unable to get back to where I was....

Later, I again became aware of my hands being gently and loving caressed and can remember wondering who would be doing this - but also not wanting to move because it felt so good! At the same time, I could 'hear' the clockradio go off, playing the song "Amazing Grace", and wonder who set that alarm as I knew I didn't! At that point the hand massage and radio went was gone, and I realized it was a 'false awakening'.

I don't know if that was a consolation for not reaching my intended destination or not, but that was the extent of my travels for the rest of the night.

I'm happy I'm able to consciously remember my destinations, but Ihave not yet been able to get there!! lol

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