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Friday, February 15, 2008

Commentary for Experience #45

I just wanted to share some views from Kiauma, thank you for your thoughts!

KIAUMA writes:

Leland talks about the ultimate 'purpose' of it all. He says creation comes from the Divine, where it falls down to the gross physical level, then rises back to the divine as differentiated consciousness. Our souls are that 'differentiated' (individual) Divinity that raises back up.

I see all of your dreams supporting that in a variety of metaphors.

From the 'warnings' of the first dream ( not published here), to the hospital -> New building setting of the second dream, to the direct supporting experience of the third experience.

One key metaphor that keeps recurring is the one of food. Food is, literally, a sustenance. We are what we eat, so we must be careful what we eat, depending on what we want to be! You will also notice that entry to the new wing in dream #2 was made difficult by "dog food" in and around the entrance - indeed!

Also in dream #2 you were able to 'feed' one of the entities something to 'help' him. This is significant because of the dream setting, especially in relation to everything else in the dream, strengthening the link between 'food', sustenance, and the self.

Often, when we dream of a building, it is metaphorical of our self, or at least can be looked at that way (dreams often have layers of meanings, but I will concentrate on this one). Notice it is the 'old' part of the hospital that harbors the negative entity - this could symbolize some element of your shadow self, something to be 'left' if you are able to move into the building that is 'under construction'...?

In short - keep doing what you are. You are at a critical transition in perspectives. Be careful what you 'eat' - the information and worldviews you allow yourself to consume, as your hard won spiritual views and values could still be weakened by cynicism, negativity, or other shortsighted, careless, or outright mean views.

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