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Thursday, February 21, 2008

47) Moon Watch OOBE


I actually didn't know it was a lunar eclipse night, but I did know it was an 'important' full moon for some reason!

When I went to bed last night, I made a point of noticing how bright the moon was and that if I was to 'get out', I'd like to see how it looked from an OOB perspective....and guess what, I did!

It again, wasn't much in the sense of doing things, but I did consciously remember that I wanted to check out the moon!

Here's the experience:

I intended to ‘travel’ and having moved to the couch as usual, I did my usual energy raising and visualizations. I became aware first of a false awakening involving my daughter coming to the couch and talking to me about all sorts of random stuff, and not being sure if it was ‘real’ or not.

I then felt intense buzzing vibrations, much more than usual, and I knew I it was a false awakening and I could just climb out. Getting out though was not as easy as usual, having to pull myself out, kicking arms and legs to stand upright.

I felt very heavy, and it was very dark (as usual), and I found moving was difficult. While out, I thought I heard my daughter come down the hallway toward the bathroom and I thought it’d be interesting to follow her back to her bedroom. Moving again was difficult and the ‘clarity now’ affirmations were minimal in clearing my vision and ability to move.

I gave up trying to follow her and headed for the front door. Moving again was slow, and I tried to remember to ‘feel’ the change in texture as I exited it, but was not able to. It remained very dark, and I found myself outside, unsure of where I was!

Somehow I became aware of being up in a tree, as I could feel the sharp branches poking into me! It was quite a ‘physical’ sensation and very unusual to have. It felt like a pine tree, with the short little needles and spikes poking, and remembering I have these trees in my front yard, I figured I was just outside the house so I’d just shimmy down the trunk to the ground.

At this point I remembered that I wanted to check out the full moon. Looking up, I could see the moon in a distance, behind striated layers of clouds, and marveled at how beautiful and bright it was!

Having just read about opening your abilities to communicate by Leland, I tried to look for anyone to communicate with. I remember trying to be open to receiving but nothing was around. I still felt very heavy, a ‘low’ level of energy feeling and just faded back to awareness on the couch. Despite not ‘doing’ anything, I feel at least I did get to soak in the moonlight as I had wanted, and also remembered to try to be more open to any possibility of communication and receiving.

A second part to this experience happened shortly after returning. I became aware of being in a small room (hospital-like) and once again fumbling with my voice recorder. (However, the recorder I had in my hand was MUCH bigger than IP and had large buttons and dials). I was having difficulty in getting the recorder to shut off (I could hear my voice talking) as I was concerned I’d wake my husband who was sleeping in the bed in this room.

I became aware of someone standing at the doorway and hollered out, “Is someone there? Can I help you?” I could sense a presence there and followed her to the hallway. It was an older woman with disheveled grey hair in a nightgown. My first impression was that this was a mentally ill patient that I had possibly taken care of years ago.

I remember I kept repeating, “Can I help you? Do you need some help? Can I do something for you perhaps?” She said something like “perhaps it’s you that needs the help!” and my impression was that it was her way of saying ‘leave me alone, I don’t need any help.’ I followed her for a short distance as she walked away, and I was so aware I was not able to do anything to help her. At that point I faded back to the couch.

So this experience allowed me a few positive points: My ability to create an intention prior and follow through with it in the OOBE, to remember to 'look for' someone to communicate with (unsuccessfully it seems), and possibly to again try to help others with another unsuccessful assistance attempt.

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