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Thursday, December 6, 2007

More Insight Re: #32 Post

Regarding the control issues and putting myself first, ....This 'letting go' is actually the 'intent' I expressed a desire for at the ceremony during the Buhlman workshop in September and have been working on since. (see entry #20)

I have had SUCH validation of this just in the past TWO days that all that has happened lately was for a reason in my life.

Without a lot of boring details, I was 'settling' for something that I really didn't want because I thought it would be best for everyone else.

(Hmmm, remember that last OBE with me letting go of the sunglasses everyone else wanted and sticking with the one I really wanted????)

Well, with a lot of 'letting go' lately and visualizations of my ideal situation, it has NOW come to pass!!!! The best part is, it all would not have worked out if I had not experienced EXACTLY what I did over the past few months!!

SO facinating!! I really don't mind telling you the details (it's work/school related) but I thought it would take too much space here. If you want particulars, I would be happy to let you know exactly HOW the Universe worked this all out for me!!

Life is working out SO GOOD right now...and I had to go through whatI did to get here!!!

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