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Saturday, December 22, 2007

35) First Lucid Task and Incomplete False Awakenings

This experience was actually a culmination of three separate events going OOB, with two incomplete false awakenings happening between them. This was not only a first for me in being able to remember a task I arranged to do prior to sleep, but also a first in that I was also able to remain in the altered state of consciousness when I thought I was awake in order to continue on and return OOB.

Unfortunately, for the most part, there is minimal specific recall as to exactly what I was doing while OOB. It was quite involved with a lot of activity, but I can only remember upon awakening that there was so much I was forgetting!

I will share the bits and pieces of my remembered activities, but I think the major outcome of this experience is the fact I was able to remember my intended task AND I was able to prolong the experience twice without waking.

After awakening around 4am, I started with my energy work and affirmations. Having had a recent discussion about 'mutual dreaming', I intended to look for a friend I was hoping to meet up with while OOB. I used my usual affirmation of “out of body now!” alternating with “show me now”!

After a short while, I felt the ‘settling in’ sensations along with being aware of soft vibrations. This time though, the roaring sound in my right ear became very loud, almost painful, but I went with it knowing you always have to expect anything.

At the point when I knew I could separate, I sat up, climbed out and stood next to my body. As usual, I could feel the ‘heaviness’ pulling me back, so I moved further away.

Again, I couldn’t see a thing, as there is always blindness when I get out at first! I remember feeling the frustration of “why is it always so dark when I first get OOB!” so I tried my “clarity now!” affirmation about 5-6 times with no improvement.

At that point, I gave up seeing and just decided I would do what I set out to do…look for my friend! I kept affirming my friend’s name, so my consciousness could lead me to where I had to go. I know I was going many places, but just cannot recall all of it!

One instance I do recall is being across the street from home in a field, where I was able to be down low enough to feel the tickling of my face against the taller weeds and grasses that grow there. I knew I was intent on getting the ‘physical’ sensation of seeing what things felt like while OOB.

I was aware I was traveling places, and I remember meeting one guy sitting on a hill near my home, who was very nice to talk to, but didn’t give a lot of coherent answers to my questions. I do know I asked him about my friend, and he replied politely, but again, not in an understandable way. He appeared to be of Irish decent, with short red tint hair, with a lean face, (freckles?), and may even have had a thin reddish beard. I do not know who this was.

I also remember hearing a (riding) lawn mower, and seeing it being driven by a white-haired male, shirtless, going past the end of the driveway into another yard, waving his arms for some reason.

At that point I was pulled back to being aware I was on the couch, and I could hear my husband coming down the stairs. Thinking it was early morning and he was leaving for work, I knew I was about to ‘wake up’. However, I could still feel the soft vibrations, and I wanted to prolong the experience, (knowing he wouldn’t try to wake me if I looked to be sleeping) so I just kept quiet and still.

I was able to get out a second time, but don’t have the recall as to what I did except for the fact that I was dancing! I remember thinking, “wow, it’s been along time since I’ve done this type dancing and I don’t remember where my arms and feet are supposed to go!” It was a ballroom type dancing I was doing with someone…lots of fun!

There was a lot more to this second time out but there is just no recall. Funny thing is, I can remember that there was indeed something important to recall….but it was lost immediately upon waking for real at the end of the entire experience.

This time, I was brought to awareness of being on the couch by the entrance of my son, who came into the room and plopped down on the end of the couch by me! I remember he was trying to get me to wake up, throwing some papers on my feet, and I was upset to think he dared to do this!

I was SO deeply involved in my experience at this point, that it was difficult to arouse myself to the awareness level I felt I needed! I was really so deeply in that it was difficult to pull myself back to what I thought was physical awareness. It was almost as though I was in two places at once.

Again, because I still felt some soft vibrations, I just went along with this one too - just because something felt different and I really didn’t want to come back….so I just kept going….

Each time I started to awaken, something told me not to move, that it may not be the real thing. I just remained very still, in same position, and continued on and didn’t react to whatever happened next.

The incomplete false awakening with my husband was easy, but with my son, it was harder as I could feel the touching of my ‘body’ as he tried to wake me! I felt he was really there!

Now, again for the third time, I realized I was out, and that my son’s appearance was also a false awakening. It was the first time that I actually realized WHILE OOB that I had a false awakening!

Now I’m aware again I’m standing in the room next to my sleeping body again and I know I can fly, so I just took off straight up! I went through the ceiling, past the roof, and took note of the changes in texture as I went through the framework of the house.

I continued to go higher and higher through darkness until I heard singing, some sort of song with the word Christmas in it. It was a medley of 3-4 songs at first, not familiar, but then new words were added to it. The songs changed to ones that I knew were directed at me in the sense that they made me feel so good about myself, something like “you are so beautiful” or “you make me so very happy” songs….and it was a male voice singing to me….

That’s when I did awaken for real, and was so profoundly aware that I had had a most wonderful experience! But the recall faded SO quickly….there was SO much that I know I did, but I cannot recall!!

Each time, though, I could feel myself climb out after the waking attempts and I do remember being able to ‘see’ clearly at different points of my OBE, but at this time cannot recall what I saw!!

I am thrilled to think that I shall be able to make clear my intention of performing a task prior to sleep and will now be able to complete it fully!

This experience gives me much more confidence in my abilities, which goes a long way in making your conscious mind aware that it IS a possible outcome to expect!

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