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Saturday, November 17, 2007

27) OBE vs. dream

Well, things have been busy here and I haven't been posting my recent experiences since I felt they were not as 'exciting' as many of them posted here.

However, in reading over what I wrote, I think that posting even those that are 'nothing special' may help others to see how their experiences compare. If even one person can be helped, then it will have been worth it. Please don't hesitate to share with me your own experiences, as I love to know that what I do helps others!

This 'dream' was probably a combination OBE/lucid dream:

October 28, 2007 5:51am

I became aware I was 'dreaming', but not sure I was really out of body as it felt like I could be, but the scene I was in was a familiar one I encounter frequently. I was driving my car very fast, trying to get home because it’s snowing and having to maneuver between snow banks that were built up on the sides of the road. I was thinking “I guess I have to be careful driving in case I’m really driving(!), but once I’m home I’m out-of-body!”

At that point I took off, pulled back quickly, floating up high, and I could hear a female voice singing something about ‘beautiful blue skies’ in a voice louder than I would have liked. It then became static and crackled and faded out.

My dog made some noise in the room, which brought me to more awareness but I could still ‘see’ in a central circle area my mother’s table, and my mother’s hands holding a baby… (I am expecting my first grandchild in a few weeks, this may be related.)

The next scene I remembered I was with two other women, a doctor I work for, and another guy who came up to us and said ‘if I had known you came from there, it would have saved me some work!’ Now he has to make beds and do some care...(?)

We are standing in a familiar place, an office of sorts, talking about ‘Nancy’ wanting to play something in 16 countries (I have no idea who Nancy is for real) and I remembered talking about the doctor having two cars – with the white one (which was the ‘good’ one) parked downstairs behind the office.

As you can see this has a lot of 'personal' issues interspersed, but the fact that I was not sure I was OOB, yet took the safe decision to drive carefully just in case I really wasn't, was an unusual occurence for me.

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