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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

25) Why Do I Do This?

I am currently reading Cosmic Journeys by Rosalind McKnight and have come across information that so impressed me that I want everyone to know about.

You have all heard that ‘thoughts are things’ and ‘intent is everything’ and these are two mottos that I cannot emphasize enough when learning to travel out of body. I am still learning how to ‘think’ properly when in the OOB state since the infinite vastness of what we really are is such an abstract concept for the physical mind to understand and grasp.

The reason for all this work in exploring other dimensions of the universe is best described as written in her book:

“the basis of training (learning to go within) is to get into the free flow of our own existence and to explore the limitless boundaries of the higher universes – all residing with each being…..there is no time and no space.….

A special flow of energy is released when you work on the assumption that there are no limits in the human communication system. Those who are able to get freely into the flow of their own existence are able to get into this limitless level of communication that exists outside of what is considered time and space.” (end quote)

It is up to us to discover for ourselves where we can go in this limitless universe. It is only by getting into this 'special flow of energy' that we are able to release limiting thoughts and beliefs and fully experience that which is our true reality.

(Interesting to note: The words "limitless boundaries" is really an oxymoron, you can't have both!)

Although she spoke in terms of the 'human communication system', it really relates to ALL aspects of the universe. There are NO limits....

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Freddie Rivera said...

Karen if you haven't read " The Law of Attraction : the basics of the teachings of Abraham by Esther and Jerry Hicks" you definitely have too.

Abraham being plural for a group of entities that Ester Hicks channels, talks about what you have read in this book by McKnight, but its coming form the other side. The book can be confusing and they have groups that meet to just understand it, I started to read it and had to read and re-read again to make sense of it, but you eventually do. The entities try to explain themselves in terms that we physical being can understand, but still you have to really pay attention to what is being conveyed in the book.