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Sunday, September 30, 2007

23) OBE - Feeling Through Objects

I thought I'd share some of the numerous experiences I have from my dream journal that I have not yet transcribed into a posting. It is so interesting to see how I have progressed and what is possible with just a little intent and determination! Anyone CAN do this if I can!

April 6, 2007 7am

This experience was recorded in my dream journal back in April and to this day, remains vivid in my mind. I remember prior to this OBE, telling the Universe that I wish to be able to feel what it was like to go through physical objects while OBE. This experience allowed me to have that awareness for the first time.

I was in that semi-awake stage in early AM and was able to get the ‘feeling’ of going out by thinking of driving my car with my husband next to me. I remember him putting his arms around me and curling into his embrace (while driving!).

I realized then that I was losing control of the car around a very sharp left turn as the car continued to go straight! I could tell I was talking off by the increasing roaring sound in my ears, and then hearing waterfalls and children’s voices.

The sounds continued to build, and I was aware enough to think “out of body now!”, saying, “ok, I will now get to see my body in bed because I’m out”. Again I was not able to do so as I immediately was pulled backward very quickly down a dark black tunnel.

(In the beginning as I felt I should be able to see my body in bed, but now realize that it is such an insignificant part of the OBE experience, especially since it always brings me back to body!)

I arrived at the entrance to a resort-type area, floating above the area in something like an inner tube, very relaxed, and feeling something soft in my hands to hold onto. (It felt like the same material I was wearing for an eye mask at that time). It was a comforting feeling, floating in the yard outside a large mansion, following a stream as it coursed down the edge of the yard. It was really beautiful.

I could see the water swirling as it moved, and it thought it’d be fun to go put my feet in the water. I immediately ‘heard’ a voice saying something about the ‘water is too….?’ So I just said ok, whatever, I don’t have to do that and continued on.

The trees and the landscape was beautiful as I floated up to the house, and I could ‘hear’ voices describing some sort of ‘instructions’ to me as it got closer. The voices were very muffled and difficult to hear, so I think “I can’t hear you!” It doesn’t help at all (in hindsight, I should have said ‘Clarity now!’), but I do recall hearing something about “nobody refuses….” or something like that, meaning that no one comes here except by their own free will and that no one is forced to come here.

Now I’m about 10-15 feet above the ground heading for the main entrance which is a large doorway, very elegant, and got the feeling that this is a ‘resort’ place where you go to have fun. I go into the house, see a beautiful winding staircase, chandeliers, and just elegance all around.

I am under that staircase and now realize that I wanted to be able to watch as my hand goes through a wall. I moved to the wall by the stairs, and pushed my hand into it. It disappeared into the wall, and I pull it out quickly, saying “Wow! I can do it!” I put it back in, felt something unusual (like a wall stud?) and realized it was only the different textures I was feeling. I remembered at that time to thank the Universe for allowing me to do this since it was a goal I had asked to obtain.

Now I float into a sitting room of sorts, and can see ‘people’ all around, realizing they are only spirits since some of them are not fully formed (can only see parts of them). They are all having a good time and there was a woman (receptionist?) at the desk.

As I stood there to ‘check in’, I could see off to my left a group of people who were practicing singing, like a choir would do. Interesting to note, they were all in black in white only, so I smiled at the receptionist and joked about “oh, is it black & white day today?” The receptionist was wearing colors, though, and without speaking to me, floated away with me following her. Just as we passed by this ‘black & white’ choir, I lost the feeling and found myself back in my body in bed.

I was so aware that this was real, and not a dream, that I recorded it immediately and then feel back to sleep asking how I was going to help others doing this OBE stuff.

I immediately became aware of a vision of four people standing around my bed, looking at me. I am fully aware I am lying in bed, looking up, and seeing the environment around me change, yet it registered to me as a normal occurrence so I wasn’t concerned.

The first person I saw was a young woman with a pillbox type hat and a 1960’s look – short dark straight hair, felt like a stewardess-type – very pretty. As I see them looking down at me in bed, I say to myself, “oh, I can’t let her see me!” so I look away. She faded away, but again it made me aware enough to realize I’m ‘awake’ yet lying in my bed.

On my left is a young boy, a grandmother-like figure next to him, and on my right was a mother-figure, and closest to me on my right was a young girl. It was the boy I felt the strongest connection with - approximately age 7-8, sandy short hair, cute – and the girl had short, dark straight hair. She leaned over me to get close, looking intently at my face, and the feeling I got was that she was saying, “oh, I like her!, we’ll do fine with her, she’s nice!” I distinctly got the impression they were ‘checking me out’ and I woke IP immediately afterward.

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