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Sunday, July 29, 2007

15) Trouble at School

July 13, 2007 7am

I was at a school but in the back section (had a faculty entrance feeling) and then proceeded to walk around to the front sidewalk. I knew I was going on a trip with a class somewhere.

While on the sidewalk, I heard a commotion and then saw a bomb(!) drop to the sidewalk in front of me! I saw two relatives just in front of me closer to dropped bomb. The bomb did not explode, but just landed there point down, balanced on end on sidewalk. I felt this was an ‘ongoing’ event (bombing) but that we were lucky this time as it did not explode.

A few minutes later, I watched as a green flag antennae shot up from the back of the bomb (which was still pointing down on sidewalk) and then realized “OH NO! it’s going to explode!”, and it did! (I felt it was ‘trick bomb’ with a delayed detonation that worked best with complacent attitudes)

I knew that people were hurt, and a woman off to my left was very badly hurt. I didn’t think I was too bad, but was grazed in the face because I could barely see out of my right eye and blood was dripping down. (Funny, though, I felt this was a ‘good’ thing somehow.)

Now I remember being told there is going to be no class trip now, so the class was going to watch a movie instead. I asked the name of the movie (thinking I’d like to see it too), but when I heard the name, knew I saw it already and ‘moved on’.

Now found myself in a room talking with a couple about their new baby, and felt it was related to me somehow. I was told the baby's name was ‘Alora’ or ‘Ali’ or something like that. I asked how they chose that name and they said it was short (nickname) for ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ (a fictional long word from the Mary Poppins movie). I became upset because I knew this child would have a very difficult time in kindergarten when they start school because they always make you write out your legal name, not a nickname.

This was not recorded in my usual fashion so many details may be left out, but since the basic story stayed with me even after a few hours of being awake, I thought I’d write down what I can remember.

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