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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

2) New Baby OOBE

From the previous post (Learning to Dream), I mentioned I had a 'series of OOBEs' on June 2. This is one from that series:

June 2, 2007 4:41am

I awoke at 3 am, tossed and turned, trying to return to sleep and felt it took an hour to finally go back to sleep. I found myself traveling somewhere down a road, but then the road became unfamiliar and I felt uncomfortable not knowing where I was going. The road got narrower, becoming now a dirt road then a small path leading up a hill. I could see shack-like houses to the side and got feeling that I was getting off the ‘main road’ and needed to get back on it. While I am moving, I am also going up high, feeling now high on a hill on this ‘cow path’ type trail, and I could ‘see’ the main road I wanted off in the distance, but not knowing how to get there. (again, I realized I was 'concerned for my safety')

At this point I said ‘I really need to know where I am’, and I becoming aware that I was ‘rising up’, which then clicked my awareness on to know that I was going OOB. As I’m rising, I kept thinking I need to just ‘fall into it’, just let go, and said “ok I’m here, whatever happens will happen.’

I was successful because the next thing I felt was being ‘out of sync’ with my body, knowing that all I had to do was roll over and climb out. After climbing out, I stood to the side of my bed, wobbly, but could feel I was definitely there. My eyes were closed, and I’m thinking “Am I allowed to open my eyes? I should be allowed to open them”, and so with the thought that my eyes were open, I could now see clearly.

There was a person in the bed, and I felt it had to be me but I was not sure because this room looked different in some way. It was my bedroom but also NOT my bedroom.

Feeling the ‘tug’ from being so close to my body, I wanted to move to the door but noticed a closet near the bottom of the bed (that is not really there in the room). I tried to reach the door, but moved so fast that I felt I couldn’t stop and ended up halfway into this closet. I turned around and looked back into the room to the person on the bed. Now this person was becoming restless, kicking at the covers and feeling like they were upset not being able to sleep (like I was earlier that night?)

At this point, the ‘person’ on the bed became my daughter at the younger age of 6 or 7. I felt I needed to go comfort her as she was upset so I went back into the room thinking, ‘how am I going to be able to comfort her even though I’m OOB?’ I went to her, saying, “it’s ok, mommy’s here”, soothing and holding her head and giving a hug. I could actually FEEL the hold on her head and hugging.

Surprisingly, as I looked up into the corner of the room, I saw a crib with dark colored blankets and a little baby (just a few months old) who rolled over and was looking up at me! I distinctly got the impression, “wow, whose baby is that?" and I thought of my son’s recent announcement of his first baby on the way. This made me think it was possibly his, but then I was aware enough to know that if I’m here with my daughter at a much younger age, how can it be his? I wondered if it could possibly be another one I was supposed to have years ago, but then felt no, it must be my son’s new baby on the way…a beautiful, dark-haired little baby….

I then slowly became aware of being back in my bed, fully awake, listening to the ceiling fan, and wishing I had thought to ask if it was a boy or girl!!!

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Karen said...

Just to follow up, my son's baby was a beautiful dark haired girl who at age 9 months was identical to this little baby!