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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

4) False Awakening OOBE

June 6, 2007 7:30 am

As this is my birthday, I really wanted to do something OOB, so I got comfortable and did my usual visualization of white light protection and opening to my guides. I became aware I was being carried or pushed on a chair by a former classmate (one I have not seen in 30 years) through a building, stopping occasionally to clear the path and move some obstructions, so she could carry/push me easier. As we went into another room, I remember getting half off the seat, saying ‘it’ll be lighter for you if I got off’, but knew I should get back on and continue.

As we left this room, I could see a long sidewalk in front of stores, and I was moving faster and faster down this sidewalk. It felt like it was a desk chair I was sitting in, going faster and faster, and I was getting ‘concerned for my safety’ (a key point to becoming lucid). This again made me aware I was dreaming, and I felt an immediate scene shift. There were colors, flashes, and a lot of different sensations but unfortunately I don’t recall much of anything else.

Then I must have had what is called a ‘false awakening’. I rarely do this, as I have had little need to ‘verify’ my state of awareness before. But this time, I remember thinking, ‘aw gee, I’m awake and much too aware’ as I was sitting in a living room chair. I then thought about the ‘tasks’ I should have done while OOB, thinking I missed doing them again.

I immediately felt this warm ‘settling in’ feeling and then to my surprise, woke up for real in my bed, realizing it had to have been a false awakening.

Although disappointed that it was not a ‘spectacular’ OOBE for my birthday, I still felt it was showing me I can have false awakenings. I know now I should plan to do something to verify my ‘state of awareness’ when I think I’m awake to perhaps achieve a different ‘sense’ of OOB experiences.

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