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Thursday, June 21, 2007

9) Dream Sequence Reflects Learning

June 20, 2007 3:18am - Dream Reflects Learning

For background, the day and evening prior to this dream sequence, I had just read the section of Moen’s book (Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook) regarding Perceiver vs. Interpreter, and how we need to learn the ‘language’ of the guidance/guides that are around us.

I found it very interesting to learn how our belief systems will only allow such beliefs that are compatible with being ‘possible’, and that we need to keep an open mind to receive any and all forms of communication. In addition, memories of ‘otherwordly’ events are only saved if they are able to be associated with prior ‘stored’ memories of similar events. This ‘remembering’ of events that is done during dreams/OBE’s can become easier if we ‘go back’ to that level of consciousness in which the dream/OBE occurred.

As I recorded this short dream upon waking, I relaxed and I was able to recall more details in a ‘backward’ sort of sequence, which fit into Moen’s description of association by similar events. This dream sequence seems to fit into this new learning, but I feel also has other symbolism and meaning, I’m just not sure what! For ease of posting, I will start with my earliest memory (which was the last I recorded) and put it into proper sequence.

I was in a foreign country, something with the feel of China/Japan, in a department store of sorts. For whatever reason, I had undressed and had wrapped myself only in a blanket. (The feeling was I was about to have, or just had, a massage – which in real life, I did just have that evening before bed!)

So now I’m walking through the store, knowing I’m only wearing this blanket, yet feeling rather ‘secure’ that I’m appropriately covered up. I head out the back of the building, and starting going up a mountainous area. At the top, I know I was thinking that I must have traveled quite a long distance, and I don’t have my clothes with me.

Initially, I thought I’d have to buy all new clothes because I was too far away to go back and retrieve them, but realized that I had not left the area and could go back down the mountain to get them. I did people there that didn’t speak my language, and felt I was not going to be able to communicate with them anyway, so I headed back down the mountain.

Just as I get near the bottom of the mountain, I could see waves of water, like a tsunami, crashing over the rocks! At first, I thought I was still high enough to be safe on this mountain, but then realized, ‘oh no, I have to get higher!’ So I start climbing back up, not too concerned, but moving quickly…(my cue for awareness/OOB is usually a concern for my safety but I didn’t pick up on this at this time!)

I climb all the way back to the top, where there were people who did not speak my language, knowing I’d have to try to communicate with them. I remember trying to think HOW do you tell someone the word ‘mother’ or ‘sister’ without words?

While I’m thinking this, it’s impressed upon me that what is important is that I learn HOW to communicate with them, and not WHAT I was trying to tell them.

Just before I woke up, I remember the thought that perhaps one way I could ‘communicate’ was to draw pictures for them and that is a way I could show them what I wanted to say!

Initially, I wasn’t even going to record this dream sequence, but in hindsight, can see that even these little ‘nothing dreams’ may hold a lot of symbolism and hidden meaning!

Share with me what you think of this….

**Be sure to read the comments to this section for more insight on symbolism and dream interpretation! Thanks, Kiauma!

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Karen said...

This is a response I received from another site about this 'dream'. I thought I'd share the great insight!

"This is an absolutely fascinating dream! Pictures very much are symbols, so learning to communicate with pictures is an almost literal metaphor for communicating symbolically.

Many psychics report that at the base of their communication with the spirits is a symbolic language that takes equal doses of learning and intuition to learn to accurately read, though 'speaking' is more a matter of just focusing on your intention.

The top of a mountain often symbolizes reaching our higher aspirations, and water often symbolizes our subconscious. That you went without clothes, though comfortably covered in a blanket, would seem to indicate your comfort with openness, that you are sincere and vulnerable but not naked or weak.

For more information on symbolism two prominent researchers are Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell. The Tarot is a good source, as well as any personal or dream journals you may have, as your own personal symbolism, spoken by your subconscious and your dreams, will figure prominently."