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Thursday, June 14, 2007

6) Three in One

Thursday 6/14/2007 6:30am

I was initially awake around 6-6:10am when my husband left for work. I knew I had to get up in 20 minutes so I am half dozing and relaxed. I must have started dreaming again of school (see Learning to Dream Walk entry), which is an ongoing recurrent theme I have had for many years.

This time, however, was different in that it was no longer high school, but college and I was attempting to ‘get to class’ once again. I felt confident I knew where to go for class and where it would be held, but I had to get to my dorm building first. The problem this time was I forgot where my dorm building was! I knew the vicinity, but not the exact spot. (These school dreams always have some element of ‘forgetting’ and ‘finding’ in them!)

I started to exit the building I was in, going to search for my dorm. I realized when I went out the door that I went out a different door than I did previously. I can remember getting my bearings and realizing that I usually exit the door on the left side of the building. This time I was leaving through the ‘main entrance’ in front.

So, because of the new exit, I knew the vicinity of the building would be up a street and to the left. I must have stopped and placed my pocketbook on the railing outside the door because once I got on the street to the dorm building, I realized I needed my keys (in my pocketbook) and that I had forgotten it somewhere! Panic set in, and I immediately recalled it had to be back at the main entrance where I stopped. I raced back, and just outside the entrance encountered a man with a number of pocketbooks hanging on display. He was trying to give me one of his (a large black one), insisting that I take it. I refused, and said “no, none of these are mine!” Looking over past him, I could see my own pocketbook still hanging on the railing where I left it. I felt such relief as I went to get it.

The scene shifted and I thought I was waking up, because I could remember that I had a meeting to get to this morning and worried that I might be late (this was true). I can remember it was dark out still (not really at this time), so I put on the light, and got up out of bed to get ready for work. I glanced out the window by the bed and noticed it was SNOWING! (It’s summer here!) I became worried that I might have some difficulty driving to work that day when I again realized I’m actually still in bed and that this was another false awakening (see my blog for last experience).

So I’m relaxed, knowing I had only a few minutes before my alarm would go off. I became aware that I could feel my left leg moving slightly, yet I knew I was not moving my physical leg. Knowing it was my ‘astral’ leg, I pulled it up high, bending it, moving it all around. I even remember trying to open my ‘physical’ eyes to see if I could look into the mirror next to the bed and see what my leg looked like! I actually was able to open my physical eyes slightly when I realized that this would fully wake me. I closed them, and concentrated on the soft, fuzzy vibrations I felt, and I knew that I was still here in the pre-OOB state.

So, I lifted the left leg up again, then tried the right leg, then left arm, and finally just said “ok, so I should be able to get out now!” I just let myself roll over to the right and could feel I was climbing out. I’m now standing at the side of the bed, thinking that if I’m out, then I must have fallen back into the deeper ‘state’ of sleep even though I know I have to get up soon!

I was wobbly at first, but then knew I had to back away from bed to get more energy and control. It was total darkness, pitch black, and using no sight, I took a few steps to bottom of the bed. I knew I had to get my vision, so I said ‘clarity now’ without results, and then repeating it, I got immediate results. My vision ‘popped’ open and I could see clearly the rest of the room and into the hallway.

I was so excited, as I don’t always get to be this close to ‘real physical’ surroundings when OOB. However, it was so short-lived because just as I could see clearly, the alarm clock goes off!

It is interesting to note that I could hear the clock next to my head, but yet could see into the hallway from my position at the bottom of the bed! I remember how strange it felt for just a few seconds before I pulled my physical eyes open. Kind of like being in two places at once! It felt very strange before fully waking up, something new I have not felt before.

This all occurred in 20 minutes, and at a time I was not expecting to do anything OOB!

My take on what this means: The school dream is very revealing to me as it indicates I am ‘working through’ some personal issues (my dorm) that deal with taking on others ‘personal’ problems (aka pocketbooks). Because I was able to refuse to take any except my own shows me I am moving in the right direction. My good friend also felt that the fact I left the building through the ‘main entrance’ and not the ‘left side’ (indicating the past) means I am moving forward. (Again, this may correlate to my being told about ‘Journey One – Getting to Know Yourself’ as mentioned in my blog).

I am glad to know that I can now become OOB without having to pre-plan my travels as I usually do. The 'astral blindness' though is so different, as I can 'feel' my eyes closed and want to open them physically, yet know I can't because I'll wake up! There is so much more of a 'real' feeling to this experience. It also seems the new increase in false awakenings may be linked with my staying close and more spontaneous OOBs. I'm assuming it has to due to the 'lighter' state of awareness that I feel.

I would love to have any insight and feedback as to what anyone may think of this.

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